VW Tiguan 2017 interior, redesign

It has been speculated that VW is working on development of a new model of Tiguan crossover. Many fans are very excited to know what is going to be offered with this model. The car manufacturers are all set to bring improvements to design of this car. When it comes to length, VW Tiguan 2017 will be 185 inches long. Thus, this vehicle is 10 inches longer than currently available model. This allows for an addition of third row of seats. This additional row of seat is not that spacious, it can be occupied only by children.

VW Tiguan 2017 front

VW Tiguan 2017: Redesign Exterior and Interior

New generation of this car will be having 7 seats, with addition of two seats. Previously, a three row full size SUV model was available, which already had plenty of space. Along with increase in size of car and addition of two extra tows, more features are provided by VW Tiguan 2017. However, the additional seats are only best suited for small children. It won’t be able to accommodate adults.

Production of this vehicle is planned to be 500 units per day. Cargo space will also be increased, thanks to increase in wheelbase of this car. To add to that, the car will be produced in two versions, one having steering wheel on right and other having it on the left. Thus, it is very much clear that automakers are aiming to manufacture a car that can be sold in all sorts of markets.

VW Tiguan 2017 interior

Overall, design of VW Tiguan 2017 will be inspired by the concept model, which has been previously introduced by the company. Both interiors and exterior will be based on this design concept. To go with that, excellent designs will be matched with exceptional functionality. Features will be plentiful in this car, just like any other car of VW.

VW Tiguan 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

As far as the power train is concerned, not much details are currently available regarding specifications of the engine that will power up this upcoming vehicle. Speculations are that VW Tiguan 2017 will come in both gasoline and diesel versions. It will be powered by a 1.4 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. This engine will also be available in the diesel version of this car.

The engine will be able of generating an output that ranges between 110 HP and 184 HP. Apart from being very efficient, this engine will also be economical by offering a decent fuel consumption. When it comes to transmission, engine will be paired with seven speed dual clutch DSG and six speed manual transmissions.  All in all, this SUV will have completely different components in its power train.

VW Tiguan 2017 rear

VW Tiguan 2017: Release Date and Price

Currently, there is not much information available regarding the pricing of its vehicle. Price of VW Tiguan 2017 will depend on version that you choose to buy. Exact figures of pricing have not been disclosed by the company. Details will only be known when it makes its first appearance. It is expected to be available in 2016.

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