Toyota Prado 2017 Redesign

When it comes to Mid-sized SUVs vehicles, Toyota is one name which definitely strikes your mind. It is because of the status which has been built around the Toyota Land Cruiser series of vehicles. Undoubtedly they have been producing some of the best Mid-sized luxury vehicles for over half a century. The Prado is one of Toyota’s long serving vehicles. Production is started in 1984 and it has been in market since 1985. Toyota Prado 2017 comes in mid-sized luxury SUV department and comes in a five door body.

Toyota Prado 2017 Front view

Toyota Prado 2017 – New Style and Design

Currently it is in its fifth generation of production, which started from 2009. Prado is very popular in Japan, Australia and major part on North America. But in order to maintain a strong foothold in the competitive market Toyota must make significant improvement on every new release. Toyota Prado is looking to make just that. It will improve significantly both in terms of design and engineering.


There won’t be any major changes in design framework. But only close observation one would be able to see a series of minor yet significant modifications. Body lines would be altered to improve aerodynamic stability of the vehicle. It will retain its traditional inverted trapezoidal grille with metallic stripes. Newly design LED headlights have an absolutely sleek design.  On the Inside Toyota Prado 2017 is technically very advanced. Even the base model will have most of the gadgets you expect from a luxury vehicle. Seats are extremely comfortable with fine quality stitching and leather.

Interior Look

Experts all around do not expect any major changes inside the cabin of new Toyota Prado, just some fancy classy tweaks all over. It can accommodate about 7 fully grown adult passengers easily. Ample leg room as well as head room has been provided for comfortable journeys. Premium quality leather along fine upholstery gets added onto seats.


Cargo space remains varied. Here are some hi-tech technological stuffs present inside navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, three zone air conditioning, rear entertainment system having Blu-Ray, seat belts, air bags, etc.

Toyota Prado 2017 interior

Toyota Prado 2017 – Engine Variant

Toyota Prado 2017 is basically a heavy sized SUV as we already know. So to run such a massive machine with excellence, really impressive engine variants are required for sure. Until now no concrete info has been obtained from company sources about its engine system. Experts have predicted that its current engine system including a V8 engine, since this engine variant is already quite advanced for present generation models. The Toyota Prado 2017 can also tow weight of about 8000 pounds quite easily.

Toyota Prado 2017 rear view

Toyota Prado 2017 – Price and Launch Date

It can be said that by end of next year, Toyota Prado will be out in auto markets. Though no accurate info can be provided regarding its price range but it seems to carry a starting price of $ 60,000.

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