Toyota Fortuner 2017 price

Mid-size SUVs are slowly drifting for alternative fuel consumption technology in recent years. This is the reason why this Toyota Fortuner 2017 is releasing a new hybrid model for its 2017 lineup. Having said that, Toyota has already confirmed that it will release gasoline variants of 2017 Fortuner as well, but the primary focus will be to introduce hybrid Fortuner models in the automobile market. This new model will be much more spacious, allowing better accommodation. Powerful engine technology will be used with better efficiency and features. Even the features accompanying the base trim model of this brand is pretty impressive due to its high functionality. Exterior of this car will also change in the 2017 release – rumors suggest that it will receive a new body work, with slimmer trims and better aerodynamic interface. Toyota Fortuner 2017 front

Toyota Fortuner 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

There is very little news available among the automobile community about the power train configurations and engine models of this Toyota Fortuner 2017. However, there is a strong indication that Toyota might come up with a couple of engines for this 2017 model. In addition to that, both gasoline and hybrid engines will be available.

The gasoline engine options might consist of a 3.0 LITER capacity engine with twin turbo charged configuration and intercooled 4 inline cylinder characteristics. Power options include around 200 HP of power with 295 lb ft of torque. Its fuel economy rates also look good with about 40 MPG EPA ratings. There also might be a change in transmission modules with the introduction of 6 speed manual or 9 speed automatic gearbox.

Drive train specs include front wheel drive train as well as an all-wheel drive train configuration, with transmission assist and multiple driving modes.

Toyota Fortuner 2017: Exterior and Interior

This new Toyota Fortuner 2017 will come bundled with various new features and trademark characteristics. The basic idea is to enable maximum level of comfort while driving, and also improve basic ride functionality. Better steering control will follow, including improved grip and power maneuverability. This will improve off road drives, with better navigation and control.

Interior specs also include a touch screen interface with voice recognition as well as wireless connectivity features – including Radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Safety features also include ABS control, along with vehicle stability and braking assists.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 interior

Exterior features of Toyota Fortuner 2017 include modern design concepts along with its traditional look and design. New LED technology will be introduced with LED head and tail lamps, as well as brighter LED clusters and 18 inch alloy wheels. This will change the exterior look of this new model drastically as compared to its previous counterpart. The overall model looks quite good after close inspection of its exterior structure.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 rear

Toyota Fortuner 2017: Relase Date and Price

This Toyota Fortuner 2017 is not going to be available until the very end of 2016. Still, there is a strong buzz all over the internet that this Toyota Fortuner 2017 will likely release by early 2017. Due to multiple models in this franchise lineup, it is hard to pinpoint the exact prices, but sources indicate that it will vary between $ 45 000 and $ 55 000.

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