2016 Ford GT500 price, specs

2016 Ford GT500 front

2016 Ford GT500 was revealed for the very first time at the 2015 Auto Show held in Detroit and is also known as “Shelby Mustang GT500”. It has recently hit the new for its brand new twin turbo eco boost engine the likes of which have never been featured on any Ford GT500 model released before. This model has been essentially designed as a pony car which made its debut in 1965. One should take note of the fact that this model has pushed all the limits of a major power buster with its new forced induction mechanism based powertrain which coupled with its monstrous design will surely scare away potential competitors.

2017 Jeep C-SUV redesign

2017 Jeep C-SUV front

Top officials of Jeep have confirmed that 2017 Jeep C-SUV will have rugged DNA and will come up with suitable engine options when it will be showcased to the audience in 2017. Jeep has targeted 1.9 million units of the SUV to be sold out till 2019. The SUV is 189.8 inches in length and 76.5 inches in width with a ground clearance of 8.6 inches. Engine of 2017 Jeep C-SUV is powerful yet very much fuel efficient.

2016 BMW 6-Series convertible

2016 BMW 6-Series front

We know that you are quite excited with the announcement of upcoming 2016 BMW 6-Series at Detroit Auto show. For your kind information, BMW 6 series will hit the market with three variants including Coupe, Convertible and four doors Gran Coupe. No doubt, four doors Gran Coupe M6 will be the top one. For the first time, BMW decided to offer individualization option for buyers, where you will have a choice to choose the right one as per your purchasing capability, preference and needs.

Nissan Juke 2016 price, colors, release date

Nissan Juke 2016 front

Nissan is well known among car buffs for bringing out good cars into the markets which are sporty, within the reach of one’s pocket and reliable. Well, Nissan is back with their new product, Nissan Juke 2016. This car is no less than a Juke box and will keep you engaged in having fun while driving it. It will no doubt stand up proudly in the fast becoming popular segment of compact SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) and will of course leave you with few or no regrets as such.

2016 GMC Yukon denali, diesel, changes

2016 GMC Yukon front

2016 GMC Yukon leads the lineup of future Sports Utility Vehicles released by General Motors – one of the largest automobile manufacturing conglomerates in the world. Its huge design & build are perfectly suitable for a family outing considering its luxurious interior & great performance. The model features a fully functional rear wheel drive platform but also offers an optional all-wheel driving mode as well. There is also an updated version of the standard GMC Yukon which is market as – Yukon Denali which offers an upscale& efficient interior décor and provides a greater degree of exclusivity to its passengers than the standard SUV model.

2017 Honda S2000 concept, price

2017 Honda S2000 front

When it comes to Honda, you do not have to think about performance. This is something in which they excel. One of their most popular cars, S2000 is going to have a facelift. 2017 Honda S2000 is the car you should look forward to as it will be having breath-taking features. This race was first launched in the year 1999 and it received its first facelift after a great span in 2009.

2016 Toyota Prado engine, price

2016 Toyota Prado front

With a lineage starting from 1951, the Land Cruiser from Toyota has developed itself as a brand for providing both on and off-road vehicles. The upcoming 2016 Toyota Prado will focus more on off-road driving experience by providing superior powertrain, enhanced body structure and best in class comfort elements to go with it. Due to a recent facelift, this model will not go through any extensive modifications but will feature some absolute necessities to carve out a name of its own in the automobile world.

2017 Subaru Impreza hatchback

2017 Subaru Impreza front

Subaru Impreza has been a very valuable brand to every Subaru franchise for the past decade or so. This company has always provided the finest design and engine changes to this Impreza franchise without any hesitation, and they are willing to do it again. Based on certain rumors and recent reports, Subaru plans to bring out an entirely new 2017 Subaru Impreza in 2016. This new generation model is going to have vast layout changes, along with accompanying in Subaru’s latest WRX redesign configuration.

Opel Insignia 2016 redesign

Opel Insignia 2016 front

Opel has got many cars which are popular in certain regions of the world, and Insignia is one of those cars.. This car will be facelifted soon as decided by the maker and will be out in the market as Opel Insignia 2016. The main reason of face lifting this car is to change its platform. This will bring many changes such as reduction in car weight as well as the enhanced strength of the car. But the maker has not yet revealed the exact platform they are going to install on Insignia.

2016 Skoda Snowman SUV news

2016 Skoda Snowman SUV side

The 2016 Skoda Snowman SUV will be looking forward to capitalizing on the success of the compact Yeti and bring forth a host of improvements that will dramatically change how people view this Czech car brand. This seven seater model will attain all features, which are considered to be of necessity in the SUV segment. Apart from boasting changes to its outer visuals, this vehicle will also experience a revamp in its interior features as well as engine. It will have enhanced fuel economy and will also excel in off-road capabilities like a Land Rover does.