Mazda 3 2017 release date, facelift

Mazda 3 2017 front

Mazda 3 2017 is prepared for a facelift; the fresh version will supposedly be launched in the second half of 2016. The Japanese manufacturer is attempting to expand their market hold by making this new version sleek, modern and more appealing than before. Consequently, changes are being imparted inside and out. Its overall appearance is about to become a lot more glamorous along with an introduction of several changes in its interior.

2017 Toyota RAV4 interior, hybrid

2017 Toyota RAV4 front

Initially Toyota released the RAV4 as a compact car. However this car managed to through some swift transformations and managed to emerge as one of Toyota’s treasured bestsellers. It has now evolved itself into a medium sized sports utility vehicle as 2017 Toyota RAV 4. Even though the previous trimmings were pretty unfortunate, it seems that the company might make up for that by adding a new drive train option in the 2017 variant. It is in its production stage and the 2017 Toyota RAV4 will be available in the market soon. Toyota will also adding many design upgrades in order to provide this 2017 Toyota RAV4 a more modern and classier look.

Skoda Octavia 2017 redesign

Skoda Octavia 2017 front

Czech automobile giants Skoda have been surprising its buyer circle by making some really noteworthy and beautiful cars. Skoda nowadays does not have such a lowly lying image among car lovers which they previously had and its critics think twice before going on to say something about them. One of the main reason about this change being the quality of cars that they are making and surely, Skoda Octavia 2017 has a major role among all of them. Skoda Octavia 2017 has quite a lot of expectations among car buyers as it is one of the cars which carry the name of Skoda all across the world. Naturally, redesigning has been done so as to live up to the expectations.

2017 Mazda RX7 price, concept

2017 Mazda RX7 front

2017 Mazda RX7 is designated to be launched on as a renewed version on the completion of its 50th anniversary since it was first launched in 1967. This eye grabbing sports car is going to be powered by a rotary engine which is supposed to bring about immense improvement in its performance. Its body frame is borrowed from RX8 and bears similarities with Mazda MX5 Miata. This sports car surely is a looker with its extraordinary angular dimensions. Let have a better look into its configurations.

2017 Ford Escape hybrid, interior, changes

2017 Ford Escape front

Ford Escape, which first made its debut in the 2000s, is under the process of modification to be re-launched as 2017 Ford Escape. This elegant hybrid SUV will feature quite a number of remarkable visual changes as well as changes in its interior and entertainment features. The motif is to introduce upgradations that would pose this crossover as a potent competitor for high end SUVs in the market.

2017 Nissan Altima interior, release date

2017 Nissan Altima front

The all new 2017 Nissan Altima is coming with a new look, which will be its highlight feature. The car manufacturers are planning a redesign of this car and it is expected to have more of a sporty look. There are high possibilities that this car will be sharing its platform with 2017 Sentra, so chances are that many features could be similar in these vehicles. Latest enhancements made to this vehicle were better fuel economy with V6 engine and infotainment system. Similar changes could be made to the 2016 version, while new generation of this car is still under development. In recent years, this mid-sized sedan has been quite popular, so expectations from 2017 model are quite high.

2017 Ford Bronco raptor, price, svt

2017 Ford Bronco front

Ford is all set to launch their first generation SUV 2017 Ford Bronco and they have excellently chosen a time for its launch with no rivals coming to the market at the same hour. Though this doesn’t assure that consumers will be drooling over this new and redesigned Ford Bronco, yet it can be assumed that it will claim its share of popularity in the market, given that Ford has expertise in this art over years. They know how to capture eyes and hearts, and their brand new 2017 Ford Bronco will not pose as an exception. Here we shall have a look into the specs, engine, price, and release date of the upcoming 2017 Ford Bronco.

2017 Mazda 6 coupe, sedan

2017 Mazda 6 front

2017 Mazda 6 is assuming a breathtaking new avatar. For any consumer looking for a classy, elegant sedan, this car is going to be the ultimate answer. Of what has been revealed by spy photos, this sexy new sedan makes it difficult for one to take their eyes off it. All thanks to the Japanese manufacturers for adopting their KODO body design, which has imparted this sedan with immense aggression and oomph. The changes are phenomenal and are surely going to place this car at the top of every sports-car lovers’ ‘most desirable’ list!

2017 Kia Sorento interior, release date

2017 Kia Sorento front

Even though as an Automaker Kia is known for the pocket-friendly and efficient cars they produce, they now have certainly managed to produce cars that are both powerful and look classy. 2017 Kia Sorento is certainly one of them and there is no doubt about the fact that it might soon emerge as one of the range leaders. The company intends to mainly do business in the North American market. However it will be released globally.  Not much info has been published about this new variant. It will be unveiled in future motor shows all over the world and we hope that will put some light into this matter. Sorrento will feature modern and advanced upgrades that will make this new variant much better equipped and powerful.

Nissan Sentra 2017 interior, redesign

Nissan Sentra 2017 front

The Nissan Sentra 2017 will be successor to 2014 model. It is basically a comfortable family with enough space in back seat and a moderate engine that is a powerful enough to provide as much as 125 mph of speed. Certain changes are expected with this car, as compared to its predecessor. However, one should not be expecting a hatchback. It still remains a great family car with decent capabilities in terms of engine.