Opel Insignia 2016 redesign

Opel has got many cars which are popular in certain regions of the world, and Insignia is one of those cars.. This car will be facelifted soon as decided by the maker and will be out in the market as Opel Insignia 2016. The main reason of face lifting this car is to change its platform. This will bring many changes such as reduction in car weight as well as the enhanced strength of the car. But the maker has not yet revealed the exact platform they are going to install on Insignia.

Opel Insignia 2016 front

Opel Insignia 2016: Exterior and Interior

This car will be largely based on designs of other popular cars like Opel called Monza. Monza was launched in 2013 and Insignia is going to get bumpers and headlights like that car. Both front and rear bumpers will have a new look and LED make headlights will be installed. LEDs are present trend since they produce bright illuminating light and require least maintenance. They are good for the long run and are quite cheaper as well. Grille will be replaced with new and better design too.

Interior will also be changed and it will not be deprived of a facelift. There will be major changes in the interior design of Opel Insignia 2016, which will include enhanced dashboard and leather seats. Consoles will be upgraded to the latest ones as required. There is a touch screen of 8 inch along with Pandora Link and Bluetooth. Pandora Link is provided for internet radio and iPhone connectivity. You can stream music via Bluetooth or even receive calls. The dashboard of this car is one of the most exciting things and is something you can boast about.

There are several controls mounted on both sides of the steering wheel. This brings more flexibility to the driver as he or she can control many consoles while he or she is driving. Major accidents occur due to silly things such as playing music or controlling something else on the go. Car manufacturers have since then started bringing important controls on the steering wheel itself.

Opel Insignia 2016 interior

Opel Insignia 2016: Engine Specs

Engine wise, Opel Insignia 2016 has got a 2.0 liter engine as the base version which runs on gasoline. This engine can produce the power of 210 HP which is not bad. Soon many cars are going to be released that will run on gasoline. Currently Opel Insignia 2016 is available in diesel engine version and petrol engine version. Speed transmission of this car is six and is controlled manually. In all probability, speed transmission will remain the same in its facelifted version.

Opel Insignia 2016: Release Date and Price

There is still no news about the fuel economy of Opel Insignia 2016. Since the engine is getting transformed into gasoline one, it is not yet sure what the fuel economy will be. Opel Insignia 2016 is supposed to hit the market at the end of this year or it might get released at the beginning of next year. The maker has not revealed any details about the price of this vehicle.

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