Opel Antara 2016 redesign

Opel Antara is a well known car and this will be modified this year. Opel Antara 2016 is your look out for next year as it will be filled with exciting features. This car is going to receive a facelift after four long years and hence you can understand that it is a vital facelift. Car industry has reached a whole new level in the last four years and Opel needs to equip Antara in such a way as to survive in this generation. Making Antara the next generation car is the intention of this facelift.

Opel Antara 2016 front

Opel Antara 2016: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Opel Antara 2016 is being referred to as one of the compact SUVs of Opel. The model was already shown is a conference held in Chengdu in China. This car has got a total makeover and grille section has a U-shaped structure. Grille is made up of horizontal slits of metal with maker’s logo embedded in the center. Headlights are really trendy and have got LED lights. Reflectors are of sharp edges inside the headlight boxes so that maximum amount of light is reflected.

There are fog lamps as well on two corners of the front damper. These lights come handy when the car is moving through a thick layer of fog, hence the name. The Front damper has got a special layer of protection of different material as an add-on protection. This ensures safety to the damper itself. Alloy wheels of 19 inches are installed on Opel Antara 2016 which is of high build quality. Ground clearance is optimum for a SUV like this.

It is a great factor to determine car’s appearance as well as safety of chassis of Opel Antara 2016. Antara is supposed to get stylish lines and patterns on its body similar to another car of this maker called Mokka. Special care has been taken on pickup speed and the car has been made more powerful now. It takes about 8 seconds of time to reach 60 mph from 0. Chassis will be enhanced to support the replaced chassis and dampers.

Opel Antara 2016 interior

Opel Antara 2016: Engine Specs

As far as engine specification is concerned, Opel Antara 2016 has got a 2.0 liter engine with CDTI and Bi Turbo technology. This engine can produce a power of 195 HP. This output power could have been more compared to a SUV, but it will serve the purpose. There will be another engine having 2.0 liter as well with turbo charged technology which can produce power of 260 HP.

Opel Antara 2016: Release Date and Price

One of the versions will be all wheels driven and there will be option for manual or automatic speed transmission. Carbon dioxide emission has been reduced in its upcoming version hence the car has become more eco friendly. Opel Antara 2016 is supposed to hit the market by the middle of this year in US. Other parts of the world will receive it after that. This car has been fixed with a price of around $ 20 000 for the base version. No details have been revealed so far about the fuel economy of Opel Antara 2016.

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