Land Rover Defender 2017 interior, usa

Land Rover Defender 2017 is probably the most talked about car now. This redesigned variant was supposed to release sometime next year but apparent there has been an advanced in those dates. Land Rover enthusiasts all over the world have been waiting for this variant because it will come with a much needed upgrade. Even though we are not equipped with concrete details, the expected specs are likely. The hype is such because this model is allegedly based on Land Rover’s 2011 DC hundred concept.

Land Rover Defender 2017 front

Land Rover Defender 2017: Redesign Exterior and Interior

This is really a huge step for this variant, it has been in the market for a long time and finally Land Rover has given it what it deserves. With redesigns ranging from powertrain to design, it is most probable that it will go through a complete makeover. Previous sales records speak for themselves and considering the market condition, we can say that this new variant will do great business too.

As we have discussed earlier, this new variant Land Rover Defender 2017 will be based on the DC100 concept. Therefore it goes without saying that most of its design will be derived from it. Dc100 ‘s design features a very futuristic and edgy look. Platform of this car will be PLA which has earlier proven to be quite efficient. With ample interior space and comfort, this car will also come with wooden and leather crafting that gives a very classy feel. Also Land Rover has been keen about adding the latest technological features in the new cabin and it seems that design wise the Defender will be one of Land Rover’s best. Standard safety features have also been added.

Land Rover Defender 2017 interior

Land Rover Defender 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

Unveiling the Engine specs earlier would have added clarity and helped Land Rover Defender 2017 to build a larger customer base but they chose to do otherwise. Therefore not much is known about the engine details of Land Rover Defender 2017. All we know is that Land Rover Defender 2017 will offer in multiple variants. The petrol and diesel models have been confirmed and the engines will most likely be turbocharged. They are expected to be V6 and i4 engines.

These engines will be combined with eight or nine speed gear system and they will be available in both automatic and manual variants. Overall improved fuel economy will also be offered and better handling is expected. Some speculations suggest that there is also a possibility of a v6 Jaguar engine. Nevertheless all the mentioned engine variants will be powerful and offer great performance.

Land Rover Defender 2017 rear

Land Rover Defender 2017: Release Date, Price, Competitors

There is no point in guessing the price given that it has gone through a complete makeover and will offer a range of new features. All we can say is that Land Rover Defender 2017 will certainly cost a little more than its previous variant. This car will be in stiff competition with vehicles like Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser. Even though it was stated earlier that the release date has been proponed, we have got no official figures.  But we are certain about the fact that it will be displayed in auto shows all over the world and if not by this year, then it will certainly be released by the end of next year.

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