Kia Rio 2017 interior, rear, hatchback

Other than being the best of its segment, Kia Rio has as well managed to surprise us and this time they are back with the latest variant i.e. Kia Rio 2017. This new car will be launched at this year’s Paris Auto Show. This amazing car will be back with a more sportier and sleeker outlook. It is also expected that 2017 Kia Rio will be equipped with latest technical features and also offer increased levels of comfort. All in all Kia is trying to implement the latest features and maintain its performance. An all over improvement in the build quality of this vehicle is also expected. Engine related updates will also be a part of this redesign.

Kia Rio 2017 front

Kia Rio 2017: Engine Features

As stated before Kia Rio 2017 will come with drive train upgrades but it is most likely that they will be minor. Even though Kia has refused to publish any official details as of now but most speculations suggest that the company is planning to stick to its previous variant’s drive train. That would mean that the engine will be 1.6 L four cylinder inline engine with an output of 138 HP and a maximum torque of 123 lb-ft. Some rumours indicate that there will be a considerable reduction in the weight of this car. That also means that Kia Rio 2017 will offer better handlings and a more efficient performance. The engines will be coupled with either an automatic or manual six speed gear system. To add to that better suspension will also be offered with this new variant.

When it comes to interior designing no one is better than Kia. All their cars feature extremely classy and comfortable interiors and the new Kia Rio is no exception. They are well crafted with high quality materials. Some upgrades include brand new dash boards with more air vents and chrome plating. Other than that the interior is very well equipped, technologically. It features an entertainment and information system. Improved audio and safety systems are also expected.

Kia Rio 2017 interior

Kia Rio 2017: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Kia Rio 2017 will be offer a totally different look. It will sport a more appealing and edgier look. Kia has chose to stick to the older dimensions but yet this new variant manages to look very different from its predecessor. Kia Rio 2017 looks futuristic and will be coming with many new features. However the list it same, it include new grills and bumpers and also LED lights.

This car will be released in three variants. Namely the LX, SX and EX. They pretty much look the same but differ in their interior features. /it is also likely that Kia will also release a hatch back variant and going by the market trend it is expected to do well.

Kia Rio 2017 rear

Kia Rio 2017: Release Date and Price

Information regarding the availability of Kia Rio 2017 is not available. However if we consider the current market conditions, it is likely that this car will cost same as its predecessor. This variant is probably in its production stage and will hit the markets by the fourth quarter of next year but we can’t be sure without the official confirmation.

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