Jaguar XJ 2017 redesign

Jaguar XJ 2017 is basically a name of a series full-sized flagship luxury cars manufactured by World renowned automobile makers, Jaguar Cars. In 1968, its first model was launching which results in giving this series quite a long historical backdrop. Its first model actually got implemented designs from company’s founder, Sir William Lyons. Over the years, this car has been quite some stand out model as it is the official cars for England’s Royal Family as well as UK’s Prime Minister. So company expects alot from it and exporters are sure that it will meet every expectation.

Jaguar XJ 2017 front

Jaguar XJ 2017: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Jaguar has always been known for its fantastic looking vehicle and this trend gets continued through all new Jaguar XJ 2017 series by updated exterior designing. Nothing major changes or modifications have been done just quite some detailing which presents that refreshed appearance. Frontal fascia includes much larger grille having stylish mesh pattern, refreshed frontal bumper which sports up cool chromed surrounds, lowered air intakes, etc. Headlights are installed with fully advanced adaptive LED technology having auto high beams.

They hold exclusive double J shaped daytime working lamps whereas all new taillights get LED technology lighting as well. Both sided exhaust pipes have oval type shape. An all aluminium framework structure has been used in manufacturing for curbing off vehicle weight effectively which thereby improves vital stats like speed, durability, performance, performance, etc. Long and standard wheelbase options are available. Various colour options are also available for customer’s selection.

Jaguar XJ 2017 interior

Being a full-sized luxury car, its interior gets high on comfort and class. High grade leather plus fine fabric upholstery makes up seats. About four fully grown adult passengers can be accommodated including driver. Dual zone climate controlling system, advanced infotainment system, direct satellite navigation system, cruise control, car parking assistance through rear view camera, radio, branded audio system, Bluetooth connect, USB support, etc.

Jaguar XJ 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

With this upcoming latest Jaguar XJ 2017 comes both V6 as well as V8 engine variants. Such choice has been made as these systems are direct injection, aluminium used construction, blower, variable valve timings, stop-start technology which saves fuel. Under the hood, one engine variant includes a 3.0 litre V6 supercharged engine generating about 340 hp and 322 pound-feet torque. It may get connected with AWD or RWD type layout. Next one includes 5.0 litre V8 supercharged producing nearly 470 hp and 424 pound-feet torque. Both these drivetrain get mated with 8 speed ZF auto transmission system.

Efficiency and reduction in fuel consumption are very crucial nowadays. Jaguar installs EPAS or electric power assisted steering in Jaguar XJ 2017 which uses power only when wheels are turned by drivers. This actually reduces parasitic type losses thereby improving fuel economy. Then company implements ASPC or all surface progress control that becomes upgraded traction control version.

Jaguar XJ 2017 rear

Jaguar XJ 2017: Release Date and Price

Jaguar XJ 2017 may have a starting price of $ 92 000 for base model and will rise with various trims. By end of 2016, it will be out all over.

3 Responses to Jaguar XJ 2017 redesign

  1. John Byrne says:

    As a former 2011 xj owner I hope that back end is not the finished product.My all blk xj got admiring stares everywhere but I won’t be a buyer with that rear even though I like that shade of red.

  2. Chirag Patel says:

    By the way the only difference between the 2016 model and 2017 is the upgraded Nav. The 2016 model also has the facelift but older Nav

  3. BriaN says:

    I hope the2017 jag is exactly as predicted. The last model was too much like the run of the mill sloping back rubbish. Bring back that old jag eloquence and shape which made it stand out from all the other rubbish.

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