Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 interior, redesign

South Korean automobile giants Hyundai will be taking a huge leap forward with the new Hyundai Santa Fe. 2017 version of the mid-size crossover vehicle is supposed to come with a facelift. The refreshing new design will be welcome as the design has been a bit monotonous in recent years. Production of Santa Fe started back in 2000 and the first on-road model was released in 2001. Currently it is in its third generation of production which started back in 2012. Initially it was released as a compact crossover vehicle and was later converted to Mid-sized crossover in 2006. Due to its economic price and visually pleasing design, the Hyundai Santa Fe has found quite a lot of takers all around the globe. Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 is also expected to improve on several aspects which were a little criticised in current models.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 front

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 comes with a ravishing new design which will pleasing to the eyes yet has an aggressive feel. On the front side of this car will retain its three sectional grilles with company logo on centre of it. Most unique in design would be the two LED headlights which have conical leaf like design. It will come with new bumpers and newly designed taillights. Overall dimensions would increase a bit this time which also suggests greater use of light weight alloys and aluminium. Larger alloy wheels with metallic strips would be an interesting addition to the overall design.

Inside of Hyundai Santa Fe 2017, you will not find anything surprising. All stuffs are made comfortable and easy as nothing beats simplicity. White foam leather along fine upholstery has been used on seats. From 5 to 7 passengers can be accommodated inside depending on trim level. At first dashboard may look complicated but gets easy with use.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 interior

Many hi-tech technologies, gadgets, etc get installed inside. Some of which are- navigation system, radio, audio system, infotainment system, blind spot monitoring, climate controls, Bluetooth, car parking technology, etc.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

All new Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 will also surely bring in some alterations in engine specifications as suspected by experts. Company provides three different Santa Fe versions like XL, Grand, Sports, etc. Under its hood you may see three engine variants namely- 2.0 litre, a 2.4 litre and also a 3.3 litre V6 engine. First one can generate about 190 hp and impressive torque.

20 mpg city street mileage rate and 27 mpg on highways is provided by this. Next 2.4 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged can produce 265 hp and equal torque amount. Its estimated mileage rate on city streets is 19 mpg and 27 mpg on highways. Its Grand trim level usually gets the most powerful 3.3 litre V6 engine giving huge power but little low on performance. All these drivetrains are specifically US market.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 rear

Hyundai Santa Fe 2017: Release Date and Price

Before 2017’s start, Hyundai Santa Fe 2017 may be seen in auto markets. Its price range will be around $ 25 000 – $ 30 000.

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