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Opel Insignia 2017 redesign

Opel Insignia 2017 front

Opel Insignia 2017 is an upcoming car from which there are a lot of anticipations. Everyone is expecting that this upcoming vehicle will be coming with an advanced technology. In all probability, it will be having a powerful engine that is also efficient. To go along with that, there will be other things too in this car that will offer convenience while driving. Overall, this new model will feature new design and better performance to attract even more buyers.

Opel Astra 2017 gtc

Opel Astra 2017 front

The new Opel Astra 2017 could explain this whole segment C. This upcoming car will feature a totally new design, even though it still uses same Delta platform which it had before. However, it will be completely refined with a new concept and dimensions. The main key in this vehicle still remains its lightness. Weight is consistently lowered in this car, and difference of weight ranges for 120 to 200 kg, depending on version. Opel Astra 2017 is based on high strength still and concept has been further evolved. This result in frame losing 50 kg and body gets slimmer by 20%.

Opel Astra 2016 specs, news, interior

Opel Astra 2016 front

The Opel Astra is basically a small family car which is being manufactured since 2009. The upcoming version of this car, Opel Astra 2016 will be coming with advanced quality. Apart from excellent quality, this car will be having a better appearance, as compared to previous model. Overall, you will be seeing a much better vehicle with this 2017 model.

Opel Insignia 2016 redesign

Opel Insignia 2016 front

Opel has got many cars which are popular in certain regions of the world, and Insignia is one of those cars.. This car will be facelifted soon as decided by the maker and will be out in the market as Opel Insignia 2016. The main reason of face lifting this car is to change its platform. This will bring many changes such as reduction in car weight as well as the enhanced strength of the car. But the maker has not yet revealed the exact platform they are going to install on Insignia.

Opel Antara 2016 redesign

Opel Antara 2016 front

Opel Antara is a well known car and this will be modified this year. Opel Antara 2016 is your look out for next year as it will be filled with exciting features. This car is going to receive a facelift after four long years and hence you can understand that it is a vital facelift. Car industry has reached a whole new level in the last four years and Opel needs to equip Antara in such a way as to survive in this generation. Making Antara the next generation car is the intention of this facelift.