BMW Z4 2017 redesign

Experts and customers are eagerly waiting for the release of the BMW Z4 2017. This eagerness is attributed to that reliable sources have indicated that this vehicle will be one of the best vehicles when compared with similar cars. This will be facilitated by that the makers will ensure that the exterior features make the car elegant while the interior features makes it comfortable and convenient to drive. BMW Z4 2017 is also expected to come with a powerful engine that will give users excellent driving experience.

BMW Z4 2017 front

BMW Z4 2017: Exterior and Interior

On the outer part of this BMW Z4 2017 there will a number of modern and sleek features that will make this vehicle an ideal sports car. One of the exterior features of this vehicle includes an enlarged grille which will be important in making this vehicle stronger. On the front there will also be the BMW logo and large air intakes which will be allowing air to get in to the engine and front braking system. The vehicle will also be using stylish LED head lights which besides improving the visibility of the driver, they will also make the vehicle look elegant. While driving when it is raining or when it is foggy the driver will be able to see clearly since the reflective lights will be reduced by the powerful fog lights. Users of this convertible sports car can also expect to get a redesigned exterior which will have unique tail lights. To further enhance the looks of this vehicle this vehicle will be using nineteen inch alloy wheels which will also make driving the vehicle more convenient. To give customers a wide variety to choose from, this vehicle shall be available in a number of different colors.

Since the BMW Z4 2017 shall be a luxury sports vehicle, it is anticipated that it shall be endowed with modern interior features that will be aimed at making the car comfortable and increase driving dynamics. One feature that is very noticeable inside this vehicle is the redesigned dash board. The redesign will allow the driver reach all the switches and knobs on the cabin without struggling. On the screen there is also a huge touch screen which shows the driver data about the condition of diverse features of the vehicle. The screen is also used to control some of the vehicles features such as the infotainment. Buyers of the BMW Z4 2017 can also expect to enjoy the comfort provided by the leather covered seats. Connectivity inside the vehicle will be facilitated by the availability of a Wi-Fi hot spot, satellite navigation USB port and wireless Bluetooth. There will also be a modern climate control system that will be useful in regulating the temperatures.

BMW Z4 2017 interior

BMW Z4 2017: Engine and Fuel Economy

Speed and performance are anticipated to be the priority issues while designing the engine of the BMW Z4 2017. The expected engine on this vehicle will be a three cylinder turbo diesel engine which will have the ability to generate 387 pound feet of torque and 390 hp. This particular engine will be paired with a six speed transmission and will have the all wheel drive. The engine will also have relatively high fuel economy as makers of this vehicle try to reduce the fuel usage of this vehicle. The engine will also have a high acceleration where it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within six point eight seconds.

BMW Z4 2017 rear

BMW Z4 2017: Release Date and Price

The release date of the BMW Z4 2017 is expected to be in the second quarter of 2016 where the starting price shall be about $ 34 000.

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