BMW X1 2017 Review

The BMW X1 2017 will be a luxury crossover that will be endowed with diverse modern features. The vehicle is expected to have a sporty look which will make it appealing to customers who like good looking vehicles. It will also have a powerful engine where the customers will have various options to choose from since there will be a number of engines. The interior will also have a modern design with state of state of the art features which are primarily meant to enhance comfort.

BMW X1 2017 front view

BMW X1 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

This second generation BMW X1 2017 is expected to be designed in a way that it will have a more aggressive look. To allow this vehicle move faster and have better fuel efficiency, the body will be made using light materials which will make this vehicle lighter. This vehicle will also have a lower ride height so as to enhance driving dynamics. This sports crossover will also have a wider body kit and wide track to accommodate the broader fenders. There will also be a number of aero turning elements such as door mirrors which will be inspired by the M3. This vehicle will also be endowed with split stoke wheels which will give it a sportier look. On the front area of this vehicle there will be a kidney grill and a more upright nose which will give it a more muscular look. This vehicle will be using LED lights which will be consuming minimal power. The front area will be redesigned so as to abide by the safety regulations. On the rear end there will be attractive L shaped head lights and an improved exhaust system.

Most features that will be found inside the BMW X1 2017 are expected to be technologically oriented. One of the most noticeable interior features inside this vehicle includes an Alcantara trim on the seats and headliners. These seats will be arranged in a way that everyone inside the vehicle will get ample space to sit and move comfortably. The driver of this new vehicle will have the freedom to adjust the height of the driver seat. The BMW X1 2017 will also have a number of connectivity options which will be enhanced by the availability of a Wi-Fi hot spot, USB port and wireless Bluetooth which will enable the driver to use wireless gadgets. Users of this vehicle can also expect to enjoy regulated temperatures since this vehicle will be endowed with a new climate control system. On the cabin of this vehicle there will be a large touch screen which will be showing the status of various features of this vehicle. The steering wheel will be sportier and will be using the electric technology.

BMW X1 2017 interior

BMW X1 2017 – Engine and Performance

Even though there will be a number of engines for this BMW X1 2017 including a hybrid engine, the primary engine shall be a 2.0 liter turbo charged four cylinder engine that will have the ability to generate 355 pound feet of torque and 340 hp. This engine will be paired with an eight drive transmission and will have the rear wheel drive. The engine will also have a relatively high fuel efficiency which will reduce the amounts users will be spending on fuel. This engine will enable the vehicle accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 5.5 seconds and its top speed will be 155 mph.

BMW X1 2017 rear view

BMW X1 2017 – Price and Release Date

The BMW X1 2017 is expected to be released during the last quarter of 2016 where the standard price is anticipated to be about $37, 500.

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