BMW 5 2017 changes

The BMW 5 2017 will be a sixth generation BMW’s executive sedan and its release will coincide with the company’s 100th anniversary. This vehicle will have luxurious features which will make it ideal for the middle and upper market. Some of the features will be borrowed from the previous models while other will be newly introduce.

BMW 5 2017 front

BMW 5 2017: Exterior and Interior

The design of the BMW 5 2017 is expected to be in based on a Gran Turismo and Touring body style. The appearance of this vehicle is expected to be in a way that the vehicle will look sportier and more aggressive. One of the exterior areas of this vehicle that is expected to undergo changes is the front end where the LED head lights will be flowing to the kidney grille of this vehicle. These lights will be using minimal power and will give this vehicle a sleeker look. The kidney grille will also make this vehicle look more powerful. On the front of the BMW 5 2017 there will also be improved fog lights which will serve the purpose of reducing the effects of reflective lights while driving when it is raining or when it is foggy. This vehicle will also be endowed with bigger air vents which will be allowing air to get into the engine and front braking system. The roof line of BMW 5 2017 is expected to be lowered slightly to make the vehicle more aggressive. On the rear area the tail lights are anticipated to be redesigned so as to make them more visible. The exhaust system will also be improved with exhaust pipes on both ends of the vehicle. This vehicle will be available in a number of colors to give buyers the options to choose from.

BMW 5 2017 interior

Customers who will buy the BMW 5 2017 can expect to enjoy top quality comfort and various technologically oriented features inside this vehicle. The dash board of this vehicle is expected to be redesigned to make it more interactive. On the dash board there will be a large free standing LCD touch screen. This screen will show the status of some of the vehicle’s features. This screen will also help the driver control the various features of the vehicle including the improved infotainment system. Furthermore, the seats inside this vehicle will be covered using fine leather and the front seats will be using the heating system. The vehicle will also have a spacious interior to comfortably accommodate all the passengers and luggage. There will also be a modern dual zone climate control system which will ensure temperatures are always regulated. BMW 5 2017 will also have an automatic starting system and the windows will be opened remotely. Connectivity inside the vehicle will also be available through various options such as USB port, Wi-Fi hot spot, GPRS and wireless Bluetooth.

BMW 5 2017: Engine Specs

The BMW 5 2017 is anticipated to be powered by the line of modular engines. Some of the engines expected on this vehicle include a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder, a 3.0 liter inline six and a 1.5 liter three spot. The basic power generation of the engines on this vehicle will be 405 lb-ft of torque and a 387 hp. These engines will have a high fuel efficiency since there will even be hybrid engine. They are also expected to provide the vehicle with ample speed for comfortable driving.

BMW 5 2017 side

BMW 5 2017: Release Date and Price

This new BMW 5 2017 is expected to be released to the market during the last half of 2016 where its starting price is anticipated to be about $ 50  000.

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