2017 VW Golf 8 redesign

The 2017 VW Golf 8 comes close on the heels of Golf 7, the successful vehicle from stable of Volkswagen. Compared to the 7th era style that is being seen at present, Golf 8 will come with advancements in various segments. It is set to come with more safety features, greater amount of space and comfort aspects for occupants’ benefits. It is also supposed to come with enhancements in the form of a new powertrain and some improvements in the gasoline area.

2017 VW Golf 8 front

2017 VW Golf 8: Exterior and Interior

With latest techniques, braking facility, automated parking and fresh infotainment system, this one will be a rocker! Little details have been revealed about its interior. However, it is a given that its seats would come wrapped in high-quality leather upholstery. There would be AC unit for making long trips comfortable for drivers as well as occupants.

2017 VW Golf 8 will arrive with trendier appearance than Golf 7, its predecessor. Its headlamps will come with slightly narrow size and a little irregular shape. There would be two light heads. You will get narrower and more stylish grille than Golf 7 and more modern and intricate bumper, having greater details. Lights at rear section would be triangular and area beneath bumper will have two exhaust pipes. Its weight would be reduced by about 50 kg as compared to its predecessor.

2017 VW Golf 8 interior

2017 VW Golf 8: Engine and Fuel Economy

You will possibly find this car to be equipped with a 2 L turbocharged diesel mill as the main source of power, consisting of 4 cylinders. This type of engine can produce a maximum torque of 380 lb-ft and a peak power of 300 hp. It would come with a range of 1,800 – 5,500 rpm.

It is known for sure that 2017 VW Golf 8 will use a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox with Haldex clutch and an all wheel drive. Power would be transmitted to all of the four wheels. Other than a sports version, this car would come with an electric as well as a hybrid version. There would be a turbocharged battery instead of an electric battery.

Exact mileage figures of this vehicle have not yet been revealed by Volkswagen. However, it is expected by analysts that the car would be able to offer a good fuel economy on both city roads as well as highways. Its combined fuel efficiency is sure to be higher than that of Golf 7.

2017 VW Golf 8 rear

It is being rumored that most of the special technological features of this car will come from Passat, which would enter European market in latter half of present year.  2017 VW Golf 8 would come with Mirror-Link, head-up display, parking assist and pedestrian recognition system as some major special features.

2017 VW Golf 8: Release Date and Price

Analysts are speculating that the starting price of this car would be around 20 000 USD, although manufacturer has not divulged any specific details about price structure. 2017 VW Golf 8 is likely to arrive in the market for sale sometime during first three months of 2017.

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