2017 Toyota Tacoma diesel, trd pro, release date

Toyota has a very fascinating marketing strategy with their Tacoma line of cars. This year, Toyota introduced the concept design for their 2017 Toyota Tacoma at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. It was promoted pretty well, and got the most attention in the segment for pickup trucks. This new 2017 Toyota Tacoma has improved its previous self in a lot of different ways, and garnered strong positive reviews at its first look itself.

2017 Toyota Tacoma front

2017 Toyota Tacoma: Engine Variants

This model of 2017 Toyota Tacoma will feature multiple engine layouts in order to cater to a wide range of customers. It has been planned to release multiple diesel as well as petrol variants for this car. Let’s have a look at those engine variants:

  • Its first engine is a 2.7 LITER inline 4 cylinder gasoline engine with a new 6 speed automatic gear box module.
  • Another 3.5 LITER V6 cylinder engine has been featured with higher trims. This model would come with 6 speed manual transmission, as well as incorporate Atkinson principle and D 4S technology.
  • Diesel variants for this car might vary according to several countries. Diesel engines are a popular choice for mid-size pickup trucks, but Tacoma might come up with non-US diesel models as well.

2017 Toyota Tacoma side

2017 Toyota Tacoma: Exterior and Interior Design

The basic structure and design of this 2017 Toyota Tacoma will be pretty similar to its 2016 counterpart. Its platform will be quite unique – something close to the Toyota 4Runner model. Owning to better technology, its exterior will be modified severely, along with minor interior modifications. A new trapezoidal grille design might be incorporated as well, with front and back LED lights and a revamped bumper design. In addition to that, the whole interior of this car will emanate a metallic feel to it.

Its interior features complete leather upholstery, along with a touch screen interface for entertainment and information purposes. Multiple trim levels will be available, so that the customer has the complete liberty to choose his or her preferable version along with their characteristics. There are currently several rumors circulating in the automobile industry regarding the additional optional features associated with this car, but nothing solid has been found based on those rumors.

2017 Toyota Tacoma interior

2o17 Toyota Tacoma: Release Date and Price

Even though the specification list for this car has not been revealed as of yet, but the overwhelming hype surrounding this model has certainly improved Toyota’s stand on pickup trucks. The company officials have revealed that this 2017 Toyota Tacoma model will release by late 2016, but there is a strong chance that Toyota might decided to release it as early as mid-2016.

There has not has been any discussion regarding the pricing attributes of this 2017 Toyota Tacoma super car. However, various sources indicate that the new model will be priced in accordance to its 2016 counterpart – varying slightly with the addition of brand new features for higher trim levels. Prices for the diesel models might vary internationally than in the US, due to the varied range of specifications available alongside this variant of 2017 Tacoma.

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