2017 Toyota Sequoia redesign, release date

Introduced in the automobile market as a truck, the Toyota Sequoia has been there for over a decade now. The Sequoia has gone through some major redesigns in the past years and its transformation from a truck to a full sized sports utility is owed to it. Probably it is one of the largest SUVs ever made, it borrows most of its design traits from the legendary Tundra. Sequoia has proven to be beneficial for Toyota and has always maintained a steady sales record. Now Toyota is warming up and will soon unveil the 2017 Toyota Sequoia. The latest variant of this Japanese SUV is currently under research and development and is expected to come equipped with a lot advanced features.

2017 Toyota Sequoia front

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Redesign Exterior and Interior

When it comes to interior designing, Toyota knows its ways well and 2017 Toyota Sequoia is an epitome of that. The company has successfully implemented the right amount of class and trendiness into their latest design. In terms of space and comfort this variant more than you need. The space inside is very efficiently used and there is room for extra luggage. Other than that The 2017 Toyota Sequoia’s interiors have been crafted with the finest quality of materials. Other interior upgrades mostly include the technological ones. New GPS, improved infotainment system with touchscreen interface are to name a few. This new variant will be able to accommodate up to 8 passengers.

2017 Toyota Sequoia doesn’t have much to upgrade when it comes to its exterior look. It is already pretty modern and well built. However Toyota has decided to add a few ‘important tweaks’ according to some experts. In terms of its dimensions and basic exterior outline this will remain pretty much unchanged. Redesigns include newly designed bumpers and front grille along with day time running Led head lamps and side lamps. Toyota might be working on this SUVs body weight reduction in order to offer better fuel economy. Other than that it is likely to remain the same.

2017 Toyota Sequoia interior

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Engine Specs

When it comes to 2017 Toyota Sequoia, we can say that one should go buy its looks. It looks sturdy and steady and carries an equally powerful engine under its hood. This upgrade is a much needed one and Toyota has done justice to it. This new variant’s powertrain of 2017 Toyota Sequoia will feature a very powerful V8 engine. It is expected to be a 5.7 L one and will have a maximum power output of 381 horses and a torque of 401 pound per feet.

This engine will be combined with an auto six speed transmission system. Manual options are not likely to be available. To add to that Toyota is also implementing lighter body design and also the new engine will offer better fuel efficiency output. On the freeway it is most probably around 17 miles per gallon and on city roads it will offer 13 miles per gallon. Last but not the least, this engine  will also offer improved performance and will be equipped with the necessary systems.

2017 Toyota Sequoia side view

2017 Toyota Sequoia: Release Date and Price

2017 Toyota Sequoia is expected to hit the markets by the beginning of 2016. Some rumors suggest that this car might be released this year itself. The cost of 2017 Toyota Sequoia is a bit steep but if one sees the number of features Toyota has offered, it will seem reasonable. For the basic variant the price is $54k and it goes up to $61k. It is likely that the platinum model will be available for that.

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  1. Josh Mason says:

    It’s a Highlander with a F150 interior.

  2. Lewdyn Ramirez says:

    I have a 2013 and cannot wait for the Diesel Engine to hit the market. I WILL be getting the 2017 Diesel… All my cars are Toyota’s.

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