2017 Toyota Camry interior, hybrid, redesign

Reputed as one of Toyota’s most sold cars, the Toyota Camry is comparatively new. This car was released a while ago and has been doing well since then. Allegedly the company has managed to sale more than four hundred units in the US itself. Too add to that Engineers at Toyota are presently working on their latest system and it will be implemented in this 2017 Toyota Camry. This system will be known as TGNA which expends into Toyota’s New Global Architecture. The Japanese automaker has been very indiscrete about the upgrade details but spy shots and rumours have revealed a lot. It is expected that 2017 Toyota Camry will go through an overall upgrade. That means that this variant will feature both design and engine upgrades.  

2017 Toyota Camry front

2017 Toyota Camry: Engine Specs

Camry’s large sales figures indicates the range of consumers it serves and therefore 2017 Toyota Camry be available in just more than one variant. They will mostly differ in terms of their engine. It is expected that Toyota will at least release three variants of this model. The first one in our list will be equipped with a basic four cylinder 2.5 L engine whose power output will range up to 178 HP. The next engine in line will be a more powerful one it is expected to be a 3.5L V6 engine. This variant will be able to easily generate up to 286 horses and will have a turning effect of 248 lb-ft. Even though we cannot ensure the definitive existence of the third engine, It is likely that if it is released it will a hybrid engine.

2017 Toyota Camry rear

Most probable scenario will be that this engine will be an Atkinson cycle Synergy Hybrid engine of 2.5 L. It will also come with 4 cylinders. The company is now focusing on making these engines more fuel efficient. Other than that these mentioned combinations will be mated with either an automatic or a manual six speed gear system.

2017 Toyota Camry: Redesign Exterior and Interior

2017 Toyota Camry will be coming with a whole package of design upgrades but most of them will be external. That does not mean that the interiors will be neglected. It is already well crafted and will now be equipped with the latest technological features such as Information and Entertainment system, new dash board, etc. Minor exterior changes include new bumpers and LED lights. The best feature of this 2017 Toyota Camry update will be the much needed platform change which means that there may be change in dimensions too. That being said, it is now certain that Camry will come with more spacious interiors and increased wheelbase.

2017 Toyota Camry interior

2017 Toyota Camry: Release Date and Price

As stated earlier 2017 Toyota Camry will be available in more than one engine variants and therefore the price may vary on the engine offered. In all probabilities this car will be priced between $30k to $ 40k in the US auto market. Availability won’t be an issue and it is most probable that company will release this variant by the fourth quarter of 2016 but before that it may be displayed in motor shows all over the world.

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