2017 Nissan Z car, news, concept

2017 Nissan Z second generation of sports lineup from Nissan. Various changes could be brought forward with the 370Z, which even includes a new power train. This car may be sold under a new badge, that of Z35. However, the badge of ‘Z’ will be served for upcoming few years. This vehicle remains a two door sports car with a relatively smaller size. This car will have better aerodynamics and thus better driving capabilities. Basic vehicle is available either in convertible or coupe. This new car looks good for both coupe and roadster, which was not always the case with previous models.

2017 Nissan Z front

2017 Nissan Z: Redesign Exterior and Interior

When it comes to bodywork, lightweight feature will be offered and materials used are light. This reduces weight of the vehicle for nearly 420 pounds. Biggest improvement that will be brought to this vehicle is an open roof. Possibility of this option means that 2017 Nissan Z will be having a sportier appearance as compared to previous models. Not to forget, Targa roof and-bar will also be not extinct. It is speculated the classic lines on its body will remain, even though it has more modern aesthetics. Other details regarding exterior styling and design are not available yet.

The auto manufacturer has not revealed any details regarding interior of 2017 Nissan Z, and the features that will be offered. Although, it is anticipated that 2017 Nissan Z will be featuring a modern cabin design, with use of advanced technology and availability of sports seats. Even though it is a small vehicle, it will still provide enough space and comfort. Cabin will also be getting revised and new gadgets and features. Some features that remain same as previous model includes braking system, air curtains and even safety and stability control system.

2017 Nissan Z interior

2017 Nissan Z: Engine Specs

Along with the possibility of name change, other significant change that could come with this vehicle is chances of addition of hybrid power train to its lineup of engines. It is speculated that hybrid variant will consist of a 2 liter I-4 engine along with an electric motor. This I-4 engine is derived from what is used under the hood of Mercedes Benz. Both these companies have been working together for some time now, so possibility of this rumor turning out to be true is quite high. Along with hybrid power train, customers can choose a traditional gasoline powered engine.

2017 Nissan Z will be powered by a 3.0 liter V6 engine that will feature direct injection system. This engine will offer a great performance with a maximum output of 350 HP. Other details regarding engine, such as fuel economy and use of transmission is not available yet.

2017 Nissan Z side

2017 Nissan Z: Release Date and Price

It is predicted that this vehicle will be available for sale in the year 2017, although exact date is unknown. Since there is very little information available about vehicle itself, it is difficult to say anything regarding pricing of 2017 Nissan Z. Rumors has it that base price of the car is $ 60 000.

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  1. Nismo says:

    Picture at top of this page is GREAT for Z35 redesing.
    If they can develop a car with that sporty view
    I’m sure Z35 would get the approval of most fans

    • Chris Robbins says:

      I have owned a couple of Zs in my time, there is already a 350hp engine in the Nismo, I will be damned if I am going to pay $60,000 for the same thing. Nissan needs to understand that America needs a sports car in the $50,000 and in the $25,000 range to soak up all the enthusiasts. They have it covered at the $100,000 range with the GTR. Lets start with the $25,000 range and put in a RWD, 4 cylinder turbo Z, add a lot of goodies to top it off at $30,000 fully loaded. Now, the interesting part is to put a vehicle in between the GTR and baby Z to make it a little exciting. At the $50,000 range Nissan would be smart to make a Z car with one GTR trait. That’s right, I said it. America needs an AWD Z. Slap a manual transmission and an engine that will pull the Z into the sub-4sec. 0-60 time, and I will tell you what, we will have something there. 75% of the United States sees snow, I need to get to work, not drift to work. If you can recall a few years ago, Audi did the same thing with the TT RS (five cylinder, AWD, Turbo, manual tran.4.2sec 0-60 time), but it cost way too much at $64,000. I hear they are coming back out with it in 2017. Toyota is even (from what I hear) are going to make the new Supra at about the $60,000 range. At the moment, there is nothing at the $45-$60,000 range except for the Vette, Mustang GT 350, Challenger, Camaro SS, etc…, but all of them DO NOT have AWD. If Americans are going to spend that much money on a get-away from life car, it needs to be an all-year-round car. Now a days, not many people have a disposable income of $50,000 to spend on an extra car or toy. Nissan, if you build a baby Zilla kind of like the Nismo Z with tech package, AWD, upgraded surround stereo system, and put in an engine that would get about a 3.8sec. 0-60 time, I for one would be very grateful, plus I do believe you would decimate all other sports car sales in that price range, if you have the balls to pull it off….

  2. Robert says:

    I’ve had the privilege of owning more than a dozen Zs and my current Z is a 2016 NISMO coupe. I do like the lines of the (alleged) next generation shown here but at anything north of $50K I don’t think I’d be interested because I expect a heck of a lot more than 350HP at that level of MSRP.

    I don’t know that I would buy something else but I would at least look very seriously at a ‘Vette …most likely I simply wouldn’t buy a replacement for the Z I have; I’d probably just keep it and buy a more luxurious SUV as my daily driver.

  3. Peter Evans says:

    This is one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen, and yes, I saw both the AMC Gremlin and Pacer when it hit the streets. The first image that popped into my mind when I saw that picture was frog. The first thought was that this image must have been accidentally resized smaller horizontally.

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