2017 Mini Countryman interior, release date

The latest version of Mini Countryman has been spotted with heavy camouflage. The car is practical and has enough features to win over the heart of future generation. 2017 Mini Countryman is going to use same platform as BMW UKL. There’s been a lot of buzz with curiosity regarding this crossover’s features. To know more about its features, go through this article!

2017 Mini Countryman front

2017 Mini Countryman: Exterior and Interior

2017 Mini Countryman is going to be a handsome car which would make its owners proud. Its minute detailings are undergoing specific changes to enhance its good looks. At the same time it is also going to hold back the good aspects of its previous version. This 2017 Mini Countryman edition is going to be larger than before. Several changes are being made in the front to spice up its styling. These improvements include a brand new grille which has got bigger and comes with chrome fittings.

It has also got an updated bumper that allows better air intake. LED tail-lights accompanying the reshaped headlights will provide for better lighting. Mirrors have been mounted on the doors, and towards the back, its sloping body design remains which makes it look quite similar to its predecessor from behind. Efforts have been made to make the car more appealing to future generation, and if things go right, Mini Countryman won’t fail to seize a good position the market.

2017 Mini Countryman interior

Owing to its larger body, 2017 Mini Countryman will also be more spacious. This means good news for consumers because now the drivers as well as passengers will have ample room for relaxation and this would ensure a more comfortable ride. The point was to make its interior designing traditional and interesting, and going by the appearances, Mini has succeeded. Dashboard of this 2017 version has a new and unique layout. There has been a use of fine upholstery adding to its standard.

Its steering is a leather-wrapped one, and there are more high-tech features such as climate control system, satellite navigation, etc. which consumers are going to find very useful. Interior designing as such have taken into consideration a qualitative upgradation.

2017 Mini Countryman: Engine Specs

2017 Mini Countryman will be driven by a 3-chambered engine of 1.5 liter capacity. This has the strength to produce 135 HP and a torque of 150 lb-ft. There’s also going to be diesel version of this engine which would have power same as 115 Horses. The car will also come with another alternative 2.0 liter engine: its diesel variation will be pumping up to 170 HP while the gasoline engine will produce almost close to 300 HP. So this 2.0 liter engine is going to come with petrol/diesel variations. Hence basically, buyers will have several options to choose from while they are purchasing their Mini Countryman.

All of these engines will be supported by standard 6-speed manual transmission and will come with front wheel drive configurations.

2017 Mini Countryman rear

2017 Mini Countryman: Release Date and Price

To know about the 2017 Mini Countryman pricing, interested consumers will have to wait for its release date to arrive. The car should be available in market in early 2016.

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