2017 Lincoln Town Car concept

The Lincoln Town Car is a large luxury sedan vehicle that is meant for the whole family. Originally presented to the world in 1981, the last known model in this series was produced in 2011 as because it was deemed that the classic design of this vehicle was not fit for the modern vehicular requirements. In these 20 years, Lincoln designed and developed three generations of the sedan including the stretched limousine version. Now Lincoln is all set to introduce a brand new flagship model for the new era. Aptly named the 2017 Lincoln Town Car, this new vehicle will carry some style elements of its predecessors but will be totally fresh in its design and concept.

2017 Lincoln Town Car front

2017 Lincoln Town Car: Exterior and Interior

While there is still very little information about this new model of Lincoln Town Car and how its design concept is going to turn out, there are already some rumors and speculations to that effect. This upgraded design 2017 Lincoln Town Car will see some drastic differences from its last model but will still remain be as same in its spirit. It is possible that this new 2017 Lincoln Town Car will be platform-wise similar to next generation Taurus and borrow some solutions from Lincoln MKS. The notable changes that we may see in the 2017 version of this car may include prominent LED headlights and large-wing grille, along with an aluminum body and enhanced chassis that is built for comfort.

As new 2017 Lincoln Town Car is slated to be the flagship model for the automobile company, one can expect that Ford engineers are going to spare no efforts to enhance comfort and luxury for this vehicle. As with its exteriors, the interiors will also see reflections of the past company models but at the same time stand out for being unique and one of a kind. It will be equipped with a wide range of new features and technologies developed by Lincoln.

There will be new upholstery for its seats with rich quality comfortable leather. Users can also expect all the latest infotainment systems preinstalled in this car along with satellite navigation features. Most consoles will be upgraded to their latest version as required. This forms an essential part of facelift. A new suspension system will offer far greater comfort than the previous models.

2017 Lincoln Town Car interior

2017 Lincoln Town Car: Engine Specs

2017 Lincoln Town Car will come with a single engine option and yet it is going to be significantly different from its earlier models. The 2.7 L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine will not only offer enhanced power level but also great fuel economy. It will be capable of providing 350 hp of power and a torque that is excess of 370 lb-ft. Other notable features will include a 9-speed automatic gearbox as well as the new AWD system by Ford.

2017 Lincoln Town Car: Release Date and Price

While details about pricing of 2017 Lincoln Town Car is still not known, experts estimate that it will be somewhere around $ 44 000. The new vehicle is expected to be available in market somewhere around late 2016 or early 2017.

6 Responses to 2017 Lincoln Town Car concept

  1. Socra says:

    Do better than the si

  2. jan says:

    suoer car

  3. jan says:

    car ys super

  4. Bill Schoppmeyer says:

    It’s about time the Lincoln Town car is back,I would like to trade my 2009 Towncar on a new one.

  5. we need a LINCOLN not a rebaged FORD

  6. Rex Boise says:

    The winged grille is the worst design I have ever seen on a Lincoln? Luxury cars have grilles that enhance the name and design (Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc). These cars are big with large engines and rear drive! Lincoln’s market was an inexpensive version of the cars mentioned above. A person would gladly pay $ 75,000.00 for a luxury car he or she didn’t have to pay $ 400,000.00? Lincoln can do better than this, come on guys!!!!

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