2017 Lincoln Navigator concept

The Lincoln Navigator is a full sized luxury SUV and has a big chunk of customer base from the SUV segment, but one has to admit that Lincoln has not really come up with any major update since its 2007 model year. Keeping this in mind the company has scheduled an overhaul for the Navigator which will hit the markets in its 2017 Lincoln Navigator model. The company is keen on producing the second generation of the well-loved SUV.

2017 Lincoln Navigator front

The first and foremost thing that will be new in the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is its platform. The company will be using the technology Ford is using for the F-150 which utilizes the usage of high strength steel making it lighter than its current platform and also more efficient in drivability.


The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will use aluminum to design its body which is help to shed its weight and turn the bulky look into something more stylish and sleeker than the previous models. The new 2017 Navigator’s front grille style will change subtly but keeping the essence of Lincoln’s split-wing grille. The head and taillights will have full-width LED in its lamps. The company will continue to offer both, long- wheeled and the short-wheeled base variants for the Navigator.

The car has a unique design in the interior of it, making it spacious and comfortable for large families and people who have many pets. The seating arrangement is widely spaced too, with shiny leather seats that make them look characteristic of the SUV. The interior will have different colors to choose from, but this might be later in the year when all options are available in the market. The dashboard and console area is expected to have subtle changes from the existing model but overall the look for them is more or less the same. Every version of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will have three rows of seats, the last of which can fold to give more boot space.

2017 Lincoln Navigator interior


The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is rumored to lose its fuel guzzling 5.4 liter V8 engine but instead will be sporting a 3.5 liter Eco Boost V6 engine. The 3.5 liter engine may also be accompanied with a twin turbo. This option will be available alongside the drivetrain hybrid version of the Navigator’s engine. The transmission will be of a new technology that Ford and GM are developing in collaboration. The new transmission will have a 10 speed automatic option.

These unique set of features make the 2017 Lincoln Navigator one of the best in the SUV segment with specifications which is the best for fuel economy. The car will be ideal for larger families who want to monitor their fuel usage and also for eco conscious people.

2017 Lincoln Navigator side

 2017 Lincoln Navigator: Release Date and Price

2017 Lincoln Navigator model will be the second generation of the SUV and is believed to be the best option in its market segment along with the current existing models.

The car is expected to hit the roads in the later part of 2016 or by January 2017. The price will be set competitively as the luxury SUV segment has competitors like Cadillac Escalade and Ford Expedition. The price for the standard version of the 2017 model will be between the range of $ 30 000 to $ 33,000.

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