2017 Lincoln Continental interior, concept, specs

The concept of 2017 Lincoln Continental, an all-new sedan from the house of Ford has only been revealed recently in 2015 New York International auto show. However, it has already captured the fancy of millions around the world who are eager to find out what features it packs for a generation of new drivers. It is currently believed that although the design for this new vehicle has just been launched recently, Lincoln had already been working on this 2017 Lincoln Continental project for quite some time. The result for this is that we have far more surefire details of this upcoming car than what is norm for concept vehicles.

2017 Lincoln Continental front

2017 Lincoln Continental: Exterior and Interior

Lincoln has already stated that the new 2017 Lincoln Continental is going to be very much like the concept car that they have presented at this year’s auto show. This indicates that this new car will have several design elements that are a reminiscent of older versions. There will be distinct similarities in terms of the sedan’s general body structure, LED headlightsand rear taillights. However, this new 2017 Lincoln Continental will have a better, more luxurious finish than some of their previous productions; a factor that would seat well with car buyers who were hoping that they would rather focus on looks of the car more than just its functionalities.

The platform of 2017 Lincoln Continental will offer significant advantage in terms of driving. Its long wheelbase and short overhangs will give some people an impression that it is mainly the rear wheels that navigate this car. However, the truth is that it will have a standard all-wheel drive feature. The sedan’s basic setup will mimic that of the Lincoln MKZ or Ford Fusion, albeit in an enlarged version. This enhanced size difference will make the engineers focus more on stiffness of the chassis.

2017 Lincoln Continental interior

2017 Lincoln Continental: Engine Specs

Lincoln Continental comes loaded with a 3.0-liter F-150 twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6. There is a chance that Lincoln may present their 2.7-liter models for the US market and then add a turbocharged 4-cylinder for international market like China. Although Lincoln can surely launch this sedan with its current 6-speed automatic transmissions, there is a strong probability that by the time it finishes we can expect to see a 9-speed or a 10-speed automatics be ready for use. Torque of this new sedan will most likely be in the range of what is provided by Ford Focus RS.

2017 Lincoln Continental rear

2017 Lincoln Continental: Release Date and Price

While there is still very little at the moment to comment about its release date, it is believed that the new Lincoln sedan will hit the market sometime late 2016. The luxurious elements of the 2017 Lincoln Continentalwill definitely make it fit for a higher price tag. We can expect that the base models can be available in about $ 60 000, with more advanced versions coming in higher price tags. 2017 Lincoln Continental will also face stiff competition from numerous other brands and products as well, such as BMW 7-series, Audi A8, Hyundai Equus, Cadillac CT6 and Kia K900.

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    Can I buy a new Towncar with a rear drive,and a V8 engine,when can I place a order with my dealer?I have a 2009 Towncar now.It only has 50,000 miles on it.If the price is to high I’ll run this one into the ground.

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