2017 Jeep C-SUV redesign

Top officials of Jeep have confirmed that 2017 Jeep C-SUV will have rugged DNA and will come up with suitable engine options when it will be showcased to the audience in 2017. Jeep has targeted 1.9 million units of the SUV to be sold out till 2019. The SUV is 189.8 inches in length and 76.5 inches in width with a ground clearance of 8.6 inches. Engine of 2017 Jeep C-SUV is powerful yet very much fuel efficient.

2017 Jeep C-SUV front

2017 Jeep C-SUV: Redesign Exterior and Interior

  • It has new premium carpet mats in the car.
  • The seats are non-removable and collapsible.
  • This car has two one-touch power windows.
  • There is a lot of trunk space.
  • Compass and tachometer are also present inside the car.
  • The new steering wheel which can be tilted.

2017 Jeep C-SUV is to come out with a rear spoiler and new alloy wheels of 17 x 8 inches. The doors are manual flip-up and the windows are semi-automatic. The headlights and the taillights are a series of new bright LED, which contains condensed phosphorus gas.

2017 Jeep C-SUV: Engine and Fuel Economy

2017 Jeep C-SUV has a 3.6 liter V6 engine providing about 290 hp and 6400 rpm. This diesel car has 24 valves and can deliver upto 260 ft-lbs torque and 4800 rpm. This car has all-wheel drive facility and a four wheel drive suspension, which makes the car good to drive in hard and husky roads.

2017 Jeep C-SUV has an 8-speed shift-able automatic transmission. Fuel tank capacity of this car is 24.6 gallons, which makes the car long drive-in. A 3.6 liter V6 engine provides a mileage of 17 mpg in the city roads and around 25 mpg on highways.

  • Fuel, used in this car is flex fuel (FFV).
  • It is a 5 seated SUV with more space near the driver seat.
  • Ground clearance of 8.6 inches makes this car a mountain car too.
  • It has got torque vectoring technology, which allows better breaking.
  • This car is heavy, and its gross weight is close to 6500 lbs.
  • A wider wheel base gives it a better road grip and a better off-road driving experience.
  • It has a new technology which blocks the engine to be overheated.

2017 Jeep C-SUV interior

2017 Jeep C-SUV: Release Date and Price

2017 Jeep C-SUV will be available in 2016-2017 and will be priced between $ 30 000 and $ 40 000. 2017 Jeep-C SUV has 20 inches of water crossing capacity. A big 700-amp AGM battery is installed in this car for engine backup and 6 bass speaker music system. It has a new AM/FM stereo and an Mp3 player with USB and full Bluetooth connectivity. A new engine immobilizer is installed in the car. The new dual ABS air bags installed in the car makes sure that its passengers are safe in case of any kind of mishap. This large SUV competes with the Ford Endeavor, Toyota Fortuner and Hyundai Santa Fe which are equally good. The car will surely be in a high demand in the global market for its heavy and hard body.

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