2017 Ford Super Duty interior, rendering

The 2017 Ford Super Duty has raised much hype ever since it was spotted in Michigan during a test drive. Enthusiasts have been on the edge trying to learn about its new features, configurations, upgradations and performance. Seeing the interest that this full sized pickup truck has already evoked in truck lovers, there is no doubt it is going to rule the market if it turns out according to the rising expectation. Absolute details about its changed configurations are not available till now, since the pickup truck is still going through the process of development. However, we have enlisted some of its features which prospective buyers can look forward to!

2017 Ford Super Duty  front

2017 Ford Super Duty: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Sources reveal that this revolutionary 2017 Ford Super Duty truck is being highly inspired by the Ford F-150. Yes, it is going to be redesigned with reference to Ford F-150, both inside out and therefore, it wouldn’t be very wrong to think of this new 2017 Ford Super Duty as a supersized F-150. Since the F-150 model was itself based on super duty trucks, these changes should be just in place and not too stark, but only pleasantly surprising.

The very basic change that this full sized truck is undergoing is with respect to its material. Like F-150, it is switching to an aluminum body frame which would cause a remarkable reduction in its weight, causing it to shred as much as 1000 lbs. The resultant truck would be significantly lightweight and hence will provide better fuel economy along with improved towing capacity. It is going to gain better aero efficiency with an alteration in its otherwise strict and boxy stature.

2017 Ford Super Duty is also going to be influenced by the F-150’s style and therefore, some of its designing is also going to change to make it look more attractive. Some of these changes would include a different fascia than its previous model in the front with an enormous trademark grille. Expect a makeover for its LED headlights and its tail lights will also be modified. Its interior will have sufficient storage space for a full sized pickup truck.

2017 Ford Super Duty  interior

2017 Ford Super Duty: Engine Specs

2017 Ford Super Duty is going to be all about raw power and with its reduced weight and aerodynamic nature, its performance is going to deserve drum rolls and fireworks! There are going to be two engine options. First there’ll be a Power Stroke V8 engine with 6.7 lt. diesel capacity and its going to supply 470 HP with a torque of 900 lb-ft. The second one will be a V8 gas engine with 6.2 lt. fuel capacity, its performance still remains a mystery. Both these engines will come with an option to be coupled with the very new 10-speed programmed transmission which is currently being developed. Its fuel economy hasn’t been ascertained yet, but it is obviously improving!

2017 Ford Super Duty side

2017 Ford Super Duty: Release Date and Price

Sources estimate that if things go according to their schedule, 2017 Ford Super Duty should be available in the market by late 2016 or early 2017. Ford has not officially confirmed any release date for now. Price range for this upcoming model is expected to remain same as its current version with slight alterations.

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