2017 Ford GT40 price, specs

Tension is running high as Ford is preparing to release their premium Sports automobile in the upcoming year. The 2017 Ford GT40 is one of the most awaited sports cars of this generation as it promises visuals and performance levels that are unmatched by a huge margin. After being launched at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, this car has garnered a lot of attention from elite drivers and enthusiasts all over the world. Compared to its predecessor, this vehicle, 2017 Ford GT40 will boast of an even more aggressive appearance, rock solid styling and powerful features under the bonnet.

2017 Ford GT40 front

2017 Ford GT40: Redesign Exterior and Interior

From what we have seen at the Detroit Auto Show, the body of 2017 Ford GT40 will be quite similar to its older version, but will boast of certain improvements that will increase both handling and aerodynamics of this vehicle. It has been inspired by F1 racing cars and has its body work done in such fashion. It remains to be seen if Ford retains its Soul platform. Apart from having LED headlights, large air intakes and premium alloy wheels, this car will also sport an elegant blue toned colour. Keeping in line with tradition, Ford has left no stone unturned to make this car look remarkable in every possible way.

Inside of the 2017 Ford GT40, various changes have been implemented to make it more comfortable and allow better access to technology features. The seats are directly linked with the car’s chassis and when combined with an adjustable steering wheel, it makes for a comfortable seating arrangement for drivers in every shape and size.  Most of the car’s control features are mounted on its steering wheel and shift paddles are located beside the wheel from where you can control the car’s transmission.

2017 Ford GT40 interior

Since the new Ford GT40 is a premium Sports car, the technology features included also reflect its aggressive sentiment. There is a large LCD display that functions as a gauge cluster, which performs the function of displaying various information which the driver wants to know.

2017 Ford GT40: Engine Specs

It goes without saying that Ford will introduce either a new or a modified version of the current engine to maximise the power potential of this vehicle. Rumours are that there will be a 3.5 litre twin turbo V6 engine that has been made of EcoBoost technology. Since, there is no official information available regarding this engine’s power; we can make an estimate that it will be able to produce at least 600 horsepower. The engine will be mated to a 7-speed auto transmission system and come in the rear wheel drive system. It is a welcome change that Ford has decided to get rid of all-wheel drive.

2017 Ford GT40 side

2017 Ford GT40: Release Date and Price

This best in class sports car 2017 Ford GT40 is estimated to roll out onto the streets by the end of 2016, with a price tag of $ 100 000 for the standard model. Like everyone else, we too are excited to see what other features the 2017 Ford GT40 brings us.

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