2017 Ford Fusion changes, release date

Ford is a company with a long line of sedan cars since early days of automobiles. Since 2013, it has been trying to cope up with the ever increasing trend of new technology. Their solution to this problem was trying to produce hybrid versions of their existing models. The 2017 Ford Fusion is a perfect embodiment of this automobile philosophy from Ford. As far as mid-size sedans are concerned, there is no company like Ford. They like to stay ahead of the pack, and this new generation model of Ford Fusion is certainly going to propel them towards that position. According to certain credible sources, this 2017 Ford Fusion is going to come out in its regular as well as hybrid variants. What will be the engine configuration? That is still a mystery since the company has not confirmed anything.

2017 Ford Fusion front

2017 Ford Fusion: Engine Specs

There is still much to know or anticipate from this 2017 Ford Fusion. The drive train and power train configurations that this car is trying to install are still a huge mystery. It is highly unlikely that Ford will go too over the top in their design mechanics, but certain experts suggest that it might look for a new variant of Eco Boost engine. If it is a new generation V6 cylinder configuration one, then Ford might also include some new auto transmission module as well.

However, it is fairly certain that this 2017 Ford Fusion will update its model for an exclusive hybrid configuration. Still, it might just be a plug-in type power train mode.

2017 Ford Fusion side

2017 Ford Fusion: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Several spy shots of 2017 Ford Fusion have been taken over the last few months or so, but nothing fruitful has been gained as far as its exterior design is concerned. Reports suggest that this mid-size sedan might get a complete makeover, but other credible sources contradict that. They seem to think that it would get restyled on both front and rear ends of the vehicle – with a signature style on front, and improved grille design and head lights.

The rear end design might not be as dramatic as the front, but certain spy shots revealed new LED tail lights, with improved lighting elements and decreased rear spacing. As far as the interior of this car is concerned, there is absolutely no word whatsoever in the market. Since this model will be released in a hybrid or plug-in hybrid configuration, you can expect some form of new technology – such as updated driving features, to accompany that.

2017 Ford Fusion interior

2017 Ford Fusion: Release Date, Price, Competitors

Additional driving assist technology will be provided for other variants of this car. Reports indicate that even though 2017 Ford Fusion might be different from its predecessors, its price would not be much different from its 2016 counterpart. Its 2016 versions cost around $ 22 000 for the standard variant, while Fusion hybrid costs $ 25 000 and Fusion plug-in Energy is priced around $ 35 000. So its 2017 version will remain in that price bracket as well.

This car will face stiff competition from the following:

  • 2015 Toyota Camry.
  • 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.


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