2017 Ford Explorer interior, sport, release date

Medium sized SUVs are a rage at the present moment, and while most people would love to own one in no matter what configuration it comes, there are still some models that get precedence due to the sheer number of exciting features they are loaded with. One of the most noteworthy mentions in this category is the medium-sized crossover SUV vehicle from the house of Ford known as 2017 Ford Explorer.

2017 Ford Explorer front

2017 Ford Explorer: Redesign Exterior and Interior

When it comes to the interiors and exteriors of 2017 Ford Explorer, modifications in relation to their style seems to be likely. While the components will not be declared any time soon, we strongly feel that this vehicle will feature key changes in terms of its design. New front lights along with a renewed bumper are likely, along with a stylish grille and diverse hood. When it comes to the backside, one can expect to have new exhaust pipes and taillights.

There can be some styling modifications with the pillars as well as the infotainment section. There will also be some significant alterations with 2017 Ford Explorer engine; with features that induce speed and efficiency while at the same time maintain comfort and ease. Driver seat can come as a power seat with an integrated heating system, and the seats both at front and back can have leather upholstery.  The cabin flaunts a neat line of three rows offering comfy seating arrangement to 7 adult passengers. There is dash board armed with a debonair look consisting of a touch screen panel where you come across infotainment system and can also avail great driving support from a brand new navigation system.  There is more on the plate like a new sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, a climate control support and the like.

2017 Ford Explorer interior

2017 Ford Explorer: Engine Specs

Apart from enhanced looks, this new 2017 Ford Explorer is also going to be fitted with a high power 3.5 liter V6 engine that can deliver 290 brake horsepower along with a torque of about 255 pound feet. Another notable addition to this new vehicle that users can expect is the 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 unit that can produce much more power at about 365 brake horsepower along with a torque of up to 350 pound feet. Its engines will also come with a 9 speed automatic transmission that supports front wheel drive as well as all-wheel drive. These features will certainly make it a classic SUV in its own right.

For all the fans of Ford who are eyeing 2017 Ford Explorer will be happy to know that it has a wide variety of safety features like dual front airbags, Roll Stability Control, Curve Control, side and curtain airbags to get a big thumbs-up from all. If you want to go for safety features that are optional, you can choose rear-seatbelt airbags, avail great assistance from blind-spot monitoring alert capped with cross-traffic notion, and collision prevention reminder with brake support before a mishap takes place.

2017 Ford Explorer rear

2017 Ford Explorer: Release Date and Price

Although price of 2017 Ford Explorer is not accurate at the moment, but around $ 30 000 may be estimated price for this super model car.

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