2017 Dodge Viper changes

Being a sports car, 2017 Dodge Viper has a unique shape and is quite luxurious. It is amongst the most anticipated vehicles that are set to be released in near future. It is expected to offer excellent choices as far as engine capabilities are concerned. The actual design of this car is still in its concept phase. Nevertheless, rumors and speculations surrounding this vehicle are still exciting. It will be coming as a formidable sports car which all sports car lovers will surely like. Use of several advanced technologies ensures that it will be a tough competitor of automotive industry.

2017 Dodge Viper front

2017 Dodge Viper: Redesign Exterior and Interior

According to rumors, exterior of 2017 Dodge Viper will be way more aggressive, as compared to 2015 version. It is quite sure that the classic lines will still be preserved, although in a bolder form as it seems. Some of the great exterior features of this car includes stretched out roofline, ports on sides that are gill shaped and even shoulders which are strongly defined. Engineers and designers of company are trying to make a perfect body for this vehicle, so that customers get attracted at first glance itself.

There will also be lot of surprises in interiors. Just as expected, high quality materials will be used inside cabin. Apart from being spacious and comfortable, it also offers some of the technologically advanced features. These features are updated to latest and add to luxury that is already provided by its interiors. This means that interiors will be royal and functional at same time. There will also be availability of Uconnect infotainment system, which is known to offer excellent communication and entertainment.

2017 Dodge Viper interior

2017 Dodge Viper: Engine Specs

Engine specifications of the 2017 Dodge Viper will supposedly be very stupefying, with intentions of the company being to attract more buyers in recent future. Currently active model does not have great sales, so it is quite possible that upcoming model will be getting something incredible in hopes of increasing sales of this car. Currently, company is working on a V10 supercharged engine with a capacity of 8.4 liters. This engine will be able to generate as much as 800 HP, making this sports car extremely powerful.

Other rumors regarding this 2017 Dodge Viper suggests that a new engine with thunderbolt power will possibly be offered. Other cars such as Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat have already used 6.2 liter supercharged engine capable of generating 707 HP. Supercharged V10 has already been fitted in Chrylser by the company for seeing results. Details regarding fuel economy and transmission used are not available till now.

2017 Dodge Viper rear

2017 Dodge Viper: Release Date and Price

Details regarding pricing have not been confirmed yet. Price of 2015 version is $ 84 995. Since future model has better looks and performance, it is expected to be priced higher than current model. 2017 Dodge Viper should be available by 2016, even though exact release date is not yet announced. This model is still only in its concept stage, but speculations surrounding it are every exciting and intriguing.

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