2017 Dodge Ram 1500, interior

RAM is Dodge’s most popular as well as most eccentric line of vehicles. So it would be correct to comment that the automakers will certainly try to improve their previous versions of this franchise. This is exactly what they are trying to do in this 2017 Dodge Ram. According to several rumors going around, it is expected that Dodge will release multiple versions of Ram in 2017 – starting with Ram 1500, and probably ending with an SRT or diesel variant of this car.

2017 Dodge Ram front

However, the spotlight for this franchise rests solely on the Ram 1500 model, as the company has already claimed that this model is the most sophisticated one in their 2017 lineup of RAM cars. Even though it has been categorized as a super heavy duty terrain truck model, but Dodge is looking forward to make it accessible to urban streets as well. In order to achieve that, this model will have some improved specifications, along with outstanding performance specs and excellent designs.

2017 Dodge Ram: Engine Specs

Even though there has not been any confirmed news about the specifics of the engines available for 2017 Dodge Ram, but it is very likely that it will cater to a high performing setup, along with improved design and quality. According to several reports, this 2017 model of Ram 1500 will offer a 4.7 liter V8 cylinder engine, with a max output spec of 310 HP power as well as 330 lbs. feet of torque. This setup will certainly improve Dodge’s off road performance, thus enabling it to be an efficient terrain vehicle.

2017 Dodge Ram side

2017 Dodge Ram: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Since the primary focus of Ram 1500 is to maintain it’s off road capability, its exterior will most likely turn out to be rugged and sophisticated at the same time. A new and improved bodywork concept is being worked out for this purpose as well. Automakers are trying to offer it a sportier and more luxurious look, despite its ruggedness. So, this new exterior design will involve fresh accents, along with a parallelogram shaped front fascia. In addition to that, it would also have a large silver grille design resembling a trapezoid shape, with improved and bigger bumpers, and silver highlights along the sides.

Cabin support has always been a strong suit of Dodge Ram. So this new 2017 Dodge Ram is certainly going to have a very expansive cabin structure, with a roomy and ergonomic design. Dual cabin rows will be present, with 5 people seating as well as air suspension attributes. Additional features include the following:

  • Electric stability control.
  • Easy handling and steering control.
  • Larger and improved wheelbase design.
  • Adaptive cruise control.

2017 Dodge Ram interior

2017 Dodge Ram: Release Date and Price

Safety features are quite good in this franchise’s cars. So, it is of no surprise that 2017 Dodge Ram is likely to have improved safety specs, such as parking assists, cross traffic alerts, rear view camera as well as lane departure warning. Even though 2017 Dodge Ram is relatively new in development, experts think that it is likely to go up for $ 24 000 for its standard model.

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