2017 BMW X3 redesign

BMW X3 is a luxury crossover SUV that cater to people who want a sports utitlity vehicle. It has achieved quite a success in the American markets as it combines efficiency, luxury and driving ease in one SUV. BMW is always very keen on innovation and all work is in progress for the Third generation 2017 BMW X3, which is due to hit the road in 2017. The earlier BMW X3 was given minor upgrades and some restyling for current model but the company has planned a complete redesign with many technologically advanced specifications.

2017 BMW X3 front


2017 BMW X3 will continue to satisfy the customer needs and will offer latest technological features. These features will not just be purely of aesthetic value but BMW aims to work for better drivability and comfort too. With the 2017 BMW X3, the company is putting its efforts in a modular based design that will aim to manage space more efficiently, resulting in more luxury and interior space for the passengers. This redesign will be along with the newest BMW technology and different car options within the BMW X3 line.

The BMW X3 will include a panoramic roof with a big opening, a double vent and extra deflector for protective purposes. The frame itself will be a bit larger in both width as well as height. The wheels are also larger as compared to the previous models. The front of the automobile was adjusted as there are new regulations about road safety, for both driver and the pedestrian. The Yamaha adaptive LED headlights and taillights are an added plus in this luxury crossover.

2017 BMW X3 interior

The interior is also set to be remodeled too, the company has announced. They are striving to give due importance to the interior and the 2017 BMW X3 would be geared up with interiors to provide better comfort and space. Other details about the remodeling are still a mystery to everyone.


The company has announced that a variant of the 2017 BMW X3 is likely, mainly called the M-Performance model the X3M40i. This model will come with a 3.0-liter inline and will have the capacity to produce more than 340 of horsepower.

Another exhilarating announcement was the option of a plug-in hybrid model for the BMW X3 line up the engine will be able to deliver fuel economy while being environmental friendly. The inline engine comes with the 90hp electric motor that will be joined with the 240hp with four-cylinder and turbocharged engine. The end result will be the power of 330 horse power.

2017 BMW X3 rear

 2017 BMW X3: Release Date and Price

Pricing is not been declared yet for 2017 BMW X3, but it is expected that BMW will charge the potential customer some increment in the price of its standard model. The prices for top of the class in the BMW X3 will be a few thousand dollars extra but it will definitely be worth going the extra mile. The vehicle is likely to be released later in the year of 2016.

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