2016 Volkswagen CC r line

The Volkswagen CC is a mid-ranged sedan that caters to the individuals who like “sports car looking sedan”. The CC is primarily promoted as a sporty up-end 4 door sedan for the executive individuals. The 2016 Volkswagen CC is very stylish and it is a major reason why it is called a “four door coupe”. Its competitors are the Audi A7 and Mercedes CLS.

2016 Volkswagen CC front

The 4 door sedan is expected to undergo through a major redesign, and it is likely to share certain features with its competitor the Audi A7. The fastback version is also up-coming with the standard model.The 2016 Volkswagwn CC will share the MQB architecture platform with the VW Passat. Other than that is will continue to use the same luxurious style that it is famous for.

Its curved roof is a notch different from the rest of Volkswagen’s range of cars, but rather than being a unique selling point, it hampers the comfort of the passenger. The company is working to rectify this issue and is making sure that the end user gets a complete premium feeling.

Needless to say, the new cabin design is expected to include plenty of high-quality materials such as the soft-touch leather and tasteful metal trims.


Volkswagen is marketing the 2016 Volkswagen CC to the luxury sedan market thus designing a classier look that will have similarities with the Audi A7. The higher end of the variants will have major similarities to the Sportsback edition of the Audi A7.

The 2016 Volkswagen CC will have LED headlights and backlights which will carry a sportier design that will complement the overall look of the car.  Wider tracks and masculine lines will be seen in this model too.

2016 Volkswagen CC interior

The “CC” actually abbreviates to “comfort coupe” and Volkswagen is making sure the car lives up its name. In order to do so, the company has made sure to utilize premium leather for the car seats and also some sleek metal trimmings that will give the 2016 Volkswagen CC an edgier look. The previous faux pas of cramped leg room will be solved in this model, as sources say the company is intent to keep the end user in mind in designing all the dimensions. So, better leg room especially for the back seat passengers is surely in the restyling.


The news for engine specifications for the 2016 Volkswagen CC is still not announced but it is rumored to surpass the existing model of CC, which is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter that produces 200 horsepower. The bigger variant for the CC is a 3.6-liter with V6 that produces 280 horsepower.The new changes will include a twin turbo 2.0 liter TDI.

2016 Volkswagen CC rear

2016 Volkswagen CC: Release Date and Price

The 2016 Volkswagen CC will be vaying for the top position in the luxury cars category and it is competitively priced at $ 35 000 for the standard model, though other higher end variants will cost more.

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