2016 Toyota Supra price, specs

Toyota made a great attention in the world because of outstanding vehicles. Those who love sports car should learned about the 2016 Toyota Supra. This car is going to compete with the Skyline because of outstanding performance and low price. Sports cars similar to BMW are receiving more attention in the markets. It has been noticed that cars and engines designed by the BMW get great recognition. It is time to focus on the considerable attributes and features of the 2016 Toyota Supra. This can be done by using reviews made by the car drivers and official news given by the Toyota team.

2016 Toyota Supra front


The appearance of this sports car is based on FT-1 concept. Sharp edges and smooth curves will give it a great look. This model has a body shape or design similar to BMW. It is a lightweight vehicle. There are rumors that this model is going to reduce weight because manufacturer will use carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum for the construction. Driving the formula one car will give drivers a chance to enjoy anti locking brake system, power steering, automatic weather control, hybrid options, touch screen, HD audio and radio facility.

2016 Toyota Supra interior


The body of this vehicle is similar to the BMW but it has an engine which is very high power. The hybrid power terrain, turbocharged and plug-in setup are very attractive engine options. The 2016 Toyota Supra will be made speedier with the help of 4 cylinder engine designed by BMW. This engine has a fuel capacity of 2.0 to 2.6 liter. The V6 engine supports the electric unit. The engine can produce 380 to 410 hp. The torque producing potential is 420 lb-ft. This car is rear wheel driving and a perfect option for the sports users.

This high speed vehicle is expected to give an outstanding running efficiency with an economic fuel consumption rate. Official predictions are very hopeful for the sports car drivers. It is believed that 2016 Toyota Supra will give a great mileage (15 mpg) in the city. This mileage will increase slightly if you will drive it on highway. Experts recommend that drivers should not use first gear frequently until it is required. Frequent brakes are also great cause of huge fuel consumption. However, there is no need to be worried about the fuel consumption because it has a heavy duty engine.

2016 Toyota Supra rear

 2016 Toyota Supra: Release Date and Price

There are strong views that this vehicle will be launched in the first months of 2016. Toyota team is looking forward to release this vehicle in January or February 2016. However, the release date of this sports car is still a big discussion for the dealers and buyers. When talking about the price of 2016 Toyota Supra, you need to focus on the outstanding features. The expected price of this vehicle will be around $ 45 000. It will be starting date but it doesn’t mean that it will not increase.

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