2016 Toyota Prius news, mpg

Toyota is known best vehicle manufacturer and seller in this world. This vehicle company has occupied the markets by introducing attractive and fascinating vehicles. Multiple features and driving options force the buyers to purchase the vehicles introduced by Toyota. The 2016 Toyota Prius will be a shining star for the Toyota’s profile. This amazing vehicle will be trendy as well as stylish. It is a great option for the family purposes. Elegant design and chic shiny front headlights make this model attractive for the buyers. Toyota team is hopeful to receive a great startup after launching this special model. Are you interested to see important facts about 2016 Toyota Prius? Let’s check the best facts and figures right now.  

2016 Toyota Prius front


The 2016 Prius is an aerodynamic vehicle. However, it has been manufactured with lightweight materials in order to ensure high performance with a low fuel consumption rate. The lightweight structure of the vehicle doesn’t reduce the running speed and control. This vehicle has a highest sustainability rate among all the models launched by Toyota. Enjoy a classy and stylish taste by driving this great car. The interior design of this vehicle is outstanding. It ensures a comfortable ride for the driver as well as passengers. Anti locking brake system, rear and front nearness alarming system, interior weather control, automatic weather update and modern buttons with steering wheel are some of the great features for the buyers.

2016 Toyota Prius side


A qualified engine has been installed in this vehicle to ensure the high performance. This vehicle contains a petrol engine (1.8 liters) which gives a great running efficacy. This vehicle is equipped with an eco friendly engine with a lowest carbon emission rate. Lightweight body supports the engine to give an accelerated speed to the vehicle. Electric battery and alternative power options are also attached with the engine.

According to the official news, the 2016 Prius will cover 10 % more distance than other models. Each new generation will give 10 % extra mileage. Toyota revealed that this new car has been made for the city driving. No doubt, there are running features favorable for the long drives but it will give an excellent cover-up in the city. More than 10 Km are expected with 2-3 liters. It is a good mileage with a heavy duty engine. Enjoy the great fuel efficiency and consumption rate by driving 2016 Toyota Prius.

2016 Toyota Prius interior

2016 Toyota Prius: Release Date and Price

Willing to get a ride? Well, it is possible to get a ride of this amazing 2016 Toyota Prius close to end of year 2015. This is not a confirm update because the officials are not giving any statement about the exact release date. However, they are hopeful to launch this vehicle in last months of 2015. The buyers should wait for the release in order to see the final price.

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