2016 Toyota Fortuner Concept, Release Date

2016 Toyota Fortuner is a stylish car developed by Japanese automobile giant Toyota intended for developing economies. It is based on Toyota’s unique IMV or innovative multipurpose vehicle developing program. This program was meant to cater the local needs of people which is different for different countries.  

2016 Toyota Fortuner front


It has a 1KD-FTV 3.0 1D-4D engine which has a stroke volume of 2982 cc. This engine is capable of producing a power output of 171ps and it develops a torque of 343 Nm when run at a speed between 1400 rpm to 3400 rpm.

A variable geometry turbocharging system is provided to give enough pressurized air in cylinder. Also it features a Dual Overhead Camshaft setup. Due to these setup power delivery to wheels is linear and it requires lesser changing of gears in traffic.

There have been some changes in the gear box from Toyota fortune’s earlier models. A four speed auto system has been replaced by a new five speed system. The system has four forward gears with one overdrive. It helps to switch to different modes with ease and can be of real help in areas where there are frequently very high traffic.

2016 Toyota Fortuner rear

This gear box system is capable of delivering power from even lesser speeds which can be as low as 1400 rpm. The presence of an extra gear in form of fifth gear helps in improving overall economy of engine as it relaxes load on motor. It is much more useful when the speed is quite high.


Another important feature of this 2016 Toyota Fortuner is its fuel injection system. These engines use piezoelectric injectors instead of conventional solenoid injectors. Company has claimed that this development helps to control fuel quantity and injection timing three times better. It also helps in providing better atomisation of fuel due to use of high pressure up to 2000 bar. It helps in good mixing of air and fuel inside cylinder which improves combustion thus increasing fuel efficiency.

2016 Toyota Fortuner interior

2016 Toyota Fortuner: Specs and Interior

The interiors of this 2016 Toyota Fortuner are also quite impressive. There is a total black wooden finish inside which is quite airy and advanced. The touchscreen system for music etc. can run with DVD’s, USB or Bluetooth. This screen is also used to get a rear view while reversing. The driver’s seat has been modified to make it a six way electrically adjustable.

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