2016 Toyota Avalon hybrid, review, release date

Toyota has never really concentrated on improving the styling aspects of their Avalon franchise. Even though this full size sedan is really good when it comes to having a good cabin space and comforting features, but it has never really clicked with customers in its styling attributes. Its design changes have not been very radical and sporty as well. That is going to change with this 2016 Toyota Avalon. With the introduction of this latest model, customers will be able to have a redesigned exterior chassis, along with improved engine specs. So, let’s have a look at what the new features can actually do with this 2016 Toyota Avalon. However, be rest assured that this model will have 4 different trim variants – XLE, Touring, XLE Premium and Limited. Hence, certain interior and exterior specs might vary according to the trim level. So, let’s have a look.

2016 Toyota Avalon side

2016 Toyota Avalon: Engine and Fuel Economy

According to recent reports, this model will have a hybrid variant very soon. This hybrid model, accompanied by the base engine, will certainly make sure that customers are satisfied with the powertrain configurations of this 2016 Toyota Avalon. Now, what are the engine choices?

  • The base engine variant is a 3.5 liter V6 cylinder unit, which is capable of generating around 268 HP of max power, along with 248 lbs. feet of torque. This engine configuration is coupled with a 6 speed auto gear box, generating an EPA rating of 21 MPG in city and 31 MPG in highway.
  • Along with the base engine, another hybrid configuration might be present. It will offer a gasoline and electric motor version with the Hybrid Synergy drivetrain configuration unit. 3 separate drive modes will be available for this unit – EV, Eco and HVAC energy use. Fuel economy will improve with an EPA rating of 40 MPG in highway and 30 MPG in city.

2016 Toyota Avalon rear

2016 Toyota Avalon: Design and Features

In order to make this 2016 Toyota Avalon much more stylish and generate its sportier appeal towards customers, Toyota has introduced certain features. A new roof line has been provided to decrease the ride height, so that its aerodynamic ability can improve. An attractive grille design has been added, with a lower trapezoidal intake valve. The overall ride dimensions might also change to give it a more aggressive look. Other important additions include strut suspensions on ends, new head lights, side mirrors as well as sound quelling material design.

Interior specs associated with this car include a better cabin configuration, adjusted due to efficient ride dimensions. A new dashboard configuration has been added, which includes a 6.1 inch touchscreen interface. This interface contains most power buttons, with a new infotainment system. Control features look good, with all standard features like finest leather upholstery and wireless connectivity modules.

2016 Toyota Avalon interior

2016 Toyota Avalon: Release Date, Price, Competitors

2016 Toyota Avalon might get some competition from the latest Ford Fusion and Honda Accord, since both falls in its full-size sedan category. As a 2016 model, its base variant might cost around $ 32 000 and come out sometime around the end of 2015.

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