2016 Toyota 4Runner limited, changes, photos

2016 Toyota 4Runner is expected sometime in 2016, as a rejuvenated model with significant improvements and upgrades. The expected changes on the current model will affect its appearance and design greatly. The changes are expected both in its interior and exterior, in order to make this model more powerful, safe and comfortable too. Most importantly, the 2016 Toyota 4Runner will be made a step in front of its competitors. This mid size SUV wants to maintain its popularity in the auto world by going for a more attractive design for the 2016 Toyota 4Runner.

2016 Toyota 4Runner front


Reports indicate that this version will have a totally new interior. It will comprise of a seven inch display panel which will be positioned on the redesigned dashboard. This dashboard is believed to come with various control features and tabs which will improve this model’s functionality. Again, 2016 Toyota 4Runner will have a superb eight speaker audio system. There will also be a new interior entertainment and navigation features with a number of modern software’s and hardware enabled features. They include a USB for charging mobiles and other devices, GPS system, upgraded infotainment system, wireless Internet connectivity, Bluetooth technology, audio player and navigation system among others. There will also be modern comfortable leather and fabric seats which will also be optional. Its interior will also acquire a new leather lining.

2016 Toyota 4Runner interior


There are speculations that this model will come in new colors, while chrome will be used in various places to replace the wood finishing. The 2016 Toyota 4Runner will be available in a number of models namely the Trail Off road, the Base SR5 and a Limited Edition 2016 model. Again, its entire chassis is expected to be redesigned from scratch. In that case, Toyota enthusiasts will get new body styles with LED daytime running lights and new fog lights. Its bumpers and the side cladding will be improved as well. As for its appearance, the 2016 Toyota 4Runner will acquire a new grille which will be a bit bigger that in the current model. This grille will make the car to appear more robust, powerful and muscular. Also, the Toyota logo will be redesigned and it is expected to be placed on the grille.

2016 Toyota 4Runner rear


There are a number of engine options expected under its hood. First, there are expectations of a V6, VVT-I, and secondly, a V8 engine. In case its manufacturers use the V6 VVT-I engine, they could support it with a 4.0-liter which can generate 270 horsepower in addition 250 lb feet of torque. For the second engine option, the V8, its specs are not yet known. However, people expect a different engine option for the two wheel drive and the four wheel drive.

2016 Toyota 4Runner: Price and Release Date

It is not yet known when this car will make its first appearance. Nevertheless, it is being made as a 2016 year model, thus it could be ready for release in fall 2016. For its price, it is rumored that there will be no drastic changes since Toyota is making it for purposes of competition. Sources indicate that this car will range from $34,000 for its entry trim level.

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