2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird redesign

Pontiac has long needed its production as far as its models are concerned. This is the reason as to why the Firebird is the only brand that has kept the legacy of this company alive for so long. The company knows that very well, so Pontiac has revived the specs of this iconic muscle car for one more time, to make the latest 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird. As far as muscle cars go, this car has done it all with its great visuals, and authentic performance ability. With this latest Firebird model, Pontiac wishes to revive the lost style of original muscle cars for their fans.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird  front

Although some experts are skeptical about how this vintage muscle car’s dynamics will perform in a modern day market, Pontiac is pretty sure of the success that this car will bring in time. It features a huge array of new and old specifications, which makes it very uncommon in these days. So, let’s have a look at some of those features that will be provided by Pontiac in this car.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird: Engine Specs

In order to improve the performance of this car, Pontiac decided to use 2 engine options for this 2016 Firebird car. ese engines have been made far better for high performance and better durability. Let’s take a look at those engine options in 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird.

  • The basic engine model is a 3.7 LITER V6 cylinder unit. It can generate around 305 HP of max power as well as 280 lbs. feet of max torque.
  • Another engine model has been provided, with a 5.0 LITER V8 cylinder configuration. It is capable of producing around 420 HP of max power, with 390 lbs. feet of max torque.

Transmission details will also vary, with one basic and two optional choices. These include a 6 speed automatic, with an optional Tremec 6 speed manual and a regular 6 speed manual.

Another engine variant has been rumored to features in this car. It might include a 6.2 LITER V8 cylinder configuration, capable of producing a powerful spec list of 556 HP and 551 lbs. feet.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird interior

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird: Exterior and Interior

In order to make this brand acceptable to modern customers, some design elements of this car were altered. As far as exterior specs are concerned, this 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird features a renovated front fascia. Its front and rear bumpers have been restyled with new LED headlights. Its grille design has been modified as well to features better integration. Side sills were modified to give a modern look to this car. Overall, both its coupe and convertible models have been revamped.

Interior design of 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird specs have been altered to give better comfort, lots of cabin space and implement new technology in this car. Styling features include leather upholstery, new instrumental panel, with satellite navigation, wireless connectivity and modern infotainment features.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird interior 1

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird: Release Date and Price

Official sources have not been able to confirm any particular release date for this 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird. However, many sources report that its price might turn up something around $ 36 000 to $ 41 000.

6 Responses to 2016 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird redesign

  1. Mel Mc Miller says:

    GTO w/ a Hemi, & a T/A w/ this Engine & HP?

    How about a Stealth-Like Holographic hood decal?



    • Kenneth Gates says:

      There is a company that makes these already cause Pontiac was discontinued.. The company is “Trans Am Depot” based out of Florida. They convert Camaros into these beautiful cars. There are some really nice models including the two shown here. Also the were on TV a few years ago as they came to Orange County Choppers to build bike to represent their car counterparts. Happy shopping.

  3. Dan Means says:

    I hope this happens ..I want one !!!!!

  4. Ballsy says:

    I hope not after seeing the new Trans-Am but, I thought that Pontiac was a thing of the past, I didn’t know that they were still making cars under the Pontiac name ? If anyone knows the answer to my question I’d like to know, because I could see myself owning one of these new Trans-Am’s, and why aren’t they going with the 6.6 liter like the old ones ? I’m sure they could have !!! Anyhow GREAT to see one again !!!!!

  5. Ron Mexico says:

    The roar of a 6.6L makes my nuggets crawl up into my arse. Yummy.

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