2016 Nissan Z release date, turbo

Nissan never disappoints its fans and always bring unique and outstanding sporting models of car in the front line and because of this reason rivals of this company have to put in a lot of efforts for performing and showing compatibility with demands that are posed by their ready and tougher opponent. In case you are a Nissan supporter, then get ready because another splendid car titled as 2016 Nissan Z it is going to arrive in market and very soon you will get opportunity of enjoying modernized and high grade features of this model and according to reports this one is really going to emerge as an exciting addition.

2016 Nissan Z front


To be honest it is not confirmed yet that either newer model will be a mere concept or an influencing product. One thing is for sure that it will come out in style for glowing in tough competition that is present in its surroundings. It’s going to be 7th generation of sports car from Nissan so definitely they will be planning for something bigger and powerful. The appearance will be very handsome and great handling facilities will be provided the body of newer Z is expected to be light and engineers will do all that is in their capacity for using lighter materials such as aluminum. The most exciting aspect is that new generation will be lesser expensive and more classes of buyers will get the capability of extending their reach towards it. News is also around that new Nissan Z will be renamed and its new title will be 2016 Nissan z35, but no confirmation has been provided yet by the relevant authorities. The best part is that some latest and high grade technological innovations will be included in this fantastic sports car.

2016 Nissan Z interior


There are rumors circulating that some kind of partnership with Mercedes will take place. It’s being speculated that 2016 Nissan Z is going to contain 2.0 l inline-4, motor engine and it has the potential of reaching 211 hp also torque of 258 lb-ft is associated with it. Adding to this setup will be 3.0 l V6 engine capable of generating 350 hp. All this again sounds really very convincing and authentic so we can expect a high grade performance from new Nissan Z. This is surely an exciting thing.

2016 Nissan Z side

2016 Nissan Z: Price and Release Date

2016 Nissan Z is going to be offered to buyers at a starting price of 35 000 dollars. The car is to be released at the end of 2015.

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