2016 Mini Countryman changes

It is reported that countryman is the youngest model of the Mini family. This model has gained immense fame and popularity among car lovers. It was first introduced in Geneva motor show in 2010. It was the first representation of this model in public. This model was equipped with a six speed gearbox and 4 cylinder engines. Similarly with new external look, all wheel drive and powerful engine, this model was presented. Now rumors reported that professionals are working on expansion and several modifications in this model. Hence, we can expect that new 2016 Mini Countryman will bring some innovations for car lovers. According to rumors this model will be offered for sale in 2017. The size of this new model will be bigger than previous models. In order to attract more customers, it is decided to make some difference in new model and it is on testing on German roads.

2016 Mini Countryman front


The key features or specs of 2016 Mini Countryman include bigger size, spectacular design and hexagonal grille. It will look like some retro model due to its unique appearance. It is reported that this model will possess all new updates and changes which are introduced. At NY international auto show these changes were presented. This new vehicle will possess more luggage capacity and extended offer of body colors. It is planned to introduce this model in different colors like black, white and grey. The internal space is sufficient to support more luggage. Mini Countryman will possess latest security and safety features like security or fire alarm. The presence of display screen will also make this model popular. Rumors show that 2016 Mini Countryman will be more spacious with richer interior. The features or specs of this new model are very similar to FWD and BMW series. Expectation is that new model will gain immense fame in the market because of its stylish external appearance.

2016 Mini Countryman side


It is decided to equip this new model with 1.2 liter engine. The engine will possess two cylinders to maintain uniform speed. This new model will base on new UKL platform. We can also find the same platform in other famous models like BMW. There is no plan to use the diesel variant for this new model. The fuel tank capacity of this vehicle is 3.0 liter. The engine of mini countryman will be more powerful and energetic. Some rumors also declare the presence of four cylinder diesel engine in this vehicle. In order to find the accurate information, we need to wait for the release of 2016 Mini Countryman.

2016 Mini Countryman interior

 2016 Mini Countryman: Price and Release Date

This new model 2016 Mini Countryman will be available by end of 2015. The price of mini countryman will be around 23 000 dollars. The price of flat model will be around 19 000 dollars. The flat model is cheaper in comparison to mini countryman. As already mentioned the new model of mini countryman will be presented in different colors or variants.

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