2016 Mini Cooper Convertible s, coupe

Want to know what a British icon looks like? Well Mini Cooper Convertible will leave you with no doubt once you see it. Recently, the BMW owned company; Mini has announced the launch of their latest version of the famous Cooper, the 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible. This new 2016 mini Cooper Convertible is an even more charismatic car that defines its iconic status in an even better and fitting manner. If you are looking for style, fun, iconic charisma and funkiness, all combined into one piece of vehicle set on four wheels, then be assured, this Mini Cooper Convertible will not let you return empty handed.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible front

What You Should Love About This Car:

  • Great mechanics done behind improving the tough ask of handling, especially on variants prepped for performance.
  • Top of the Convertible draws back partially, thus giving an unexpectedly pleasant sun roof mode.
  • Inclusion of a horde of options for personalising this car according to requirements.

What You May Not Like About This Car:

  • A little cramped cabin will leave a frown on your brow.
  • Back seat can barely fulfil its requirements.
  • A cowl shape cramps up handling to some extent.
  • Although there are a plethora of personalisation options, they are laid out in an unconventional manner which makes it difficult to operate.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible: Redesign Exterior and Interior

It is an exciting venture this 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible and its exterior has received quite a few new adjustments like:

  • A freshly designed bumper up front is almost entirely composed off air intake vents which will effectively cool the engine under its hood.
  • Brakes have been upgraded to work better. Air vents also work up in cooling the brakes as well.
  • Grille design resembles the framework of a honey comb and is really fashionable.
  • Rear bumper has a piece looking like a diffuser integrated in it.
  • Centrally mounted twin exhaust pipes complete the symmetry element of this vehicle.
  • Wheel arches, side skirts and exciting paint job on hood and sides will surly steal the show for this Mini Cooper Convertible.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible interior

Although interior is cramped, the absence of a hard top will surely make the cabin of this 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible feel airy and spacious once the roof is withdrawn. Head room will be abundant. Seats will be complete with upholstery with sporty design wrapped in either Dinamica fabric or superior quality leather. Steering wheel will have multiple functions and along with side sills, shifter and pedals made from stainless steel, it is surely going to make the drive a memorable one.

Leg room and luggage space will be quite a bit because space for cargo should not be expected in a convertible such as Mini Cooper.

2016 Mini Cooper: Engine and Fuel Economy

Powering this latest 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible is a spanking new 2.0 litre turbocharged unit with four cylinders which can propel out a whopping 228 brake horsepower at a peak of 5200 rpm as well as twist measuring 236 pound feet at 1250 to 4800 rpm. This will be coupled with a 6-speed automatic gearbox, giving a fuel economy of 24/34 mpg on city/highway.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible rear

2016 Mini Cooper: Release Date and Price

Although Mini is yet to announce prices, rumours are that 2016 Mini Cooper Convertible will start from at least $ 37 000.

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  1. mr Dorrell says:

    Coupe, convertibles and roadsters not given to people with Disabilities shame
    one fan lost feeling discriminated

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