2016 Mercedes E-Class redesign, sedan

When we start discussing issues and matters related with 2016 Mercedes E-Class, then many important aspects come into consideration because people have very high level of expectations associated with this car. Mercedes has a refined history of producing splendid cars and because of this reasons people from around the globe keep a strong eye upon every new release. Makers are well aware of the demands and expectations that are imposed by modern day consumers because of this reason they are working very hard to bring best product forward. We can say that upcoming version will bring something exciting and new because Mercedes has a history of bringing newer products forward. Let’s put a look at features that will be present inside upcoming model.

2016 Mercedes E-Class front


It is being said by sources close to makers that 2016 Mercedes E-Class is going to get decent advantage in relation to style and design.  2016 Mercedes E-Class will become spacious so more capacity for accommodating passengers and cabin will be present. The car will possess sporty appearance and will be aerodynamic. The position of frame work will be lower, anterior will be bigger, posterior bumpers along will 4 LED headlamps will provide a great overall look and functioning capacity to this car. However, it should be noted by consumers that shell of upcoming model will not be made up of lighter materials because of issues related with price were there means that car will be heavier in comparison to C class. The car will be available in versions that are being mentioned below

  • 4 door coupe
  • 2 door coupe
  • Soft to model

Cabin of 2016 Mercedes E-Class will be redesigned and many prominent high tech elements will be included in it some of these are being highlighted above

  • Full size color monitors
  • Electric surface heating
  • Navigation system
  • Window that can be turned on and off
  • Head-up display

2016 Mercedes E-Class interior

All this really sounds very convincing and we can expect that many more high quality features will be included in the upcoming version.


Reports indicate towards point that upcoming model will arrive with 3, 4 or 6 cylinder power packs. Their installation will be carried out by making combinations of cylinders that are near 500 cc and this assembly has already provided handsome results to BMW. 6, cylinder engine will have power of delivering 200-400 horsepower also turbocharged 4 cylinder engine will be presented with 6 speed manual transmission box. Rumors are also circulating that Mercedes will introduce hybrid model of E class that will have potential of delivering 80 bhp or 110 bhp. Plans of introducing other versions are also present.

2016 Mercedes E-Class rear

2016 Mercedes E-Class: Price and Release Date

Details related with price of upcoming version are still not present, but many rumors are circulating in industry however nothing can be confirmed till official information is presented. Same can be said about release date of 2016 Mercedes E-Class so we can’t give any information with certainty here.

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