2016 Lincoln Town Car price, interior, pictures

2016 Lincoln Town Car is on its final lap of preparation and is expected to roll out soon as a high class luxury car. This vehicle will be a premium addition to their internationally acclaimed car line-up that is popular all over the world because of their best in class performance, outstanding visuals and exceptional level of comfort that goes largely unmatched by any other car brand. For the 2016 Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln has prepared various upgrades that would improve this vehicle over its predecessor in many ways than one can ever imagine.

2016 Lincoln Town Car front

2016 Lincoln Town Car: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Our trusted sources have informed us that the upcoming 2016 Lincoln Town Car will boast of significant modifications to its exterior design and also be based on a new platform. While exact changes have not yet been revealed, we can speculate it to feature a changed frontal design characterized by LED headlights, bolder front bumper and split-wing grille structure, which happens to be Lincoln’s trademark design. Aerodynamics is also set to go up a notch owing to this car’s refined body shape. Better aerodynamics could only mean better handling and steering capabilities.

Visual modifications will extend all the way into the car’s interior and make it look more luxurious than ever before. There will be a significant revamp in technology as well to make it compatible with modern day requirements. Its seats will be upholstered with genuine leather thus allowing for more comfortable rides as well as better posture. Cabin space is also expected to increase thus allowing for better leg and headroom for both the driver and its passengers.

2016 Lincoln Town Car interior

2016 Lincoln Town Car would also boast of state of the art technology enhancements beginning with an LCD touch screen console, great audio system, auto air-conditioning, etc. Safety elements will also go through a rehash and now feature individual safety airbags, Satellite navigation, Cruise-control and Rear parking sensors. Expect nothing but the best to get featured inside of this vehicle.

2016 Lincoln Town Car: Engine Specs

Word is that Lincoln will bring back the previous engine, but with a slight enhancement in performance. This revamped engine will be a 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6 engine that will deliver around 365 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. Only difference between this and the previous engine is in its fuel consumption rates, which has got a lot better. This engine will be coupled with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and will be available in front-wheel drive system. There are also speculations of a stronger V8 unit being featured on one of the top models of 2016 Lincoln Town Car, which, of course, will produce outstanding power to performance ratio.

2016 Lincoln Town Car side

2016 Lincoln Town Car: Release Date and Price

Due to the lack of information regarding the car’s availability, we can play a safe bet and predict it to arrive in the market sometime during early, or middle of 2016. Considering the enhancements that this car possesses, it is only natural that it would cost higher than the currently available version. The 2016 Lincoln Town Car will cost around $ 33 000 for its base variant and go higher, based on the trim levels.

25 Responses to 2016 Lincoln Town Car price, interior, pictures

  1. Bob James says:

    Have had Town Cars and Continentals for years and loved every one, so I am really glad to learn they are coming back. Features/Amenities I really liked but which were not always available include: 1) Double driver sunvisors that are both adjustable so the top corner of the windshield can be masked from the sun. 2) Power trunk lid and HUGE, deep trunk space. 3) Turning circle of 40 feet or less. 4) Tilt/tele steerring wheel and adjustable height driver pedals. 3) CD player (I am not ready for that to disappear as I learn songs I perform from special tracks and need the fast reverse/forward feature). 4) Area/ground lighting around driver and passenger doors when car is remotely unlocked. 5) Heated seats. 6) Durable leather on the seats that doesnt wear thin or lose color with years of use. 7) A place/platform left of the brake pedal for the driver’s left foot to rest. 8) Immediate acceleration response when I “punch it” when already going 30-40 mph (no lag while the computer decides how best to make it happen). 9) Many years and miles of bumper-to-bumper warranty with extensions available.

  2. James Green says:

    I am glad the Town car will return I have a 2014 Lincoln MKS.
    very small car I am 6f4in I need more room had a 2004 Lincoln Town car
    very nice sorry I traded it for the MKS to late now will see what the new
    Town car look like

  3. Rita Pacheco says:

    I am more than ready to purchase a new Lincoln Town Car. Why this beautiful, luxury car is out of production, I will never understand. The auto industry should understand that there are those of us of a particular generation who have money to buy whatever we want. I’ve had all kinds of cars in my family; Audi, Mercedes, Corvette, Porche, and my Town Car beats them all. So, put your money where your mouth is and stop making promises. Build the damn car and let my buy one.

    • Carl Forrester says:

      Ford changed Mercury name to Lincoln in 2011 Please bring Town Car back as it was in modern up datesback as a luxury in where Lincoln belongsi and keep it V/8 rear drive that will put us in the luxury car business.

  4. Louise P. McQueen says:

    I was disappointed when the Lincoln Town Car was discontinued. I have a 2006 Town Car, and I just love the smooth ride, the spaciousness and comfort. I am glad to learn that the Town Car will be coming back. I hope to purchase one in the future.

  5. Pauline says:

    Oh my!!!!!I am so happy to hear that the Town Car is coming back. I have been holding out on buying a new car. I own a 1998 Town Car and its still in good shape but I am ready for a NEW Lincoln Town Car!!!!

  6. bob goodwin says:

    AMEN, bring back the Lincoln Town car, 4.6 litre V8, rear wheel drive, cloth/fabric
    seats, NO g – – D – – – heated leather, NO sun roof. ROOM and COMFORT is what
    I want. Like James Green I let my 1996 Lincoln Town Car Executive go, what a great
    vehicle and great mileage, up to 35 miles per imperial gallon.
    OH, and no “push and go” please, lets have car keys back again.
    These small cars, I am unable to get in and out of them so had to buy a 2008 Crown
    Vic, not near what my 1996 Lincoln was.

    • Ray says:

      The 1996 model is the best ever

      • Swanie says:

        I just purchased a mint condition 96 Diamond Anniversary Town Car and I am blown away by the ride quality, power and style. I had always driven small foreign cars and Jaguars, but they don’t compare to the Lincoln. The air suspension is so good I can cruise right over speed bumps.

      • Jack_Ewing says:

        sorry no, the 1989 is the best ever 😉

    • Barry Bennett says:

      I agree. I have owned 4 Town Cars. My current Town Car has 330,000 miles. I had the transmission rebuild at 300,000 miles and just had a new timing chain installed. The car continues to run fine, but I would like a new one, with the sa,e engine and rear wheel drive. Why doesn’t Ford Motor Company understand?

  7. bob goodwin says:

    It is about time a car for larger/taller people came back to earth ! But for goodness
    sakes leave out the “Damn Touch Screen: control panel, it is JUNK, that is Chryslers
    Crap. Cloth seating, not heated leather which is also terrible in our COLD or our HOT
    weather up north in Canada, at least make them optional. Tires of the older variety
    essential, not these newer squatty rough riding “Expensive” one we se on todays
    cars. Oh yes , NO sun/moon roof, what a waste of time and money. Last but not
    least the touch and go start is also now being hacked and cars stolen at ease as
    a result of it, brings back our KEYS PLEASE, and REAR WHEEL DRIVE !!! If I could find
    a NEW 1996 Lincoln Town Car Executive I’d buy it in a flash, best car I ever had,
    and for 17 years.

  8. Diana Delgrosso says:

    My husband and I have had three town cars: ! Beautiful ride! We still have a 2004 and it rides like a charm.Unfortunately, we keep it I ungaraged in Florida, right on the ocean and we,re dealing with some rust. The engine is great and we want to keep it forever.
    Our limo service picked us up in a town care last night, and he was telling us he sold his previous town car recently and it had 950,000 miles on it.
    His present one had 550,000 miles and counting.

    The Lincoln town car was and is our favorite riding car. The comfort is unparalleled . We also have a 2013 MKS which my husband loves ( I don,t)
    It,s not a soft ride!

    Loki g forward to the new town car. Front wheel drive please. living on the east coast, NY, we have severe winters. The rear wheel drive is not safe for such a big car. Thanks Diana

    • bob goodwin says:

      Diana, learn to drive ! I live in the far north from US, and the front wheel drive will never
      be parked on my lot. ONLY REAR wheel drive for me. If the new Lincoln is FWD they can
      keep the DAMN thing ! The winters here are far worse than you can ever imagine, and
      front drives do not cut it up here, and for sure are worse in winter !

      • Ken Drummond says:

        You need to learn to drive, rear wheel gets stuck in the snow and you have no control while front wheel gives more control and the ability to get out if stuck in. Leave Diana alone. Btw I’m an experienced limo driver in NY

  9. Dave Ham says:

    I have a 2009 Lincoln Executive Town Car , best car I have ever owned . Looked at a Lincoln MX … No comparison ! The Town Car is so comfortable and gives 35 MPG . Bring on the new ones !

  10. Benjamin t Zellars says:


  11. Jolene Strickland says:

    I am so thrilled the town car is coming back. My husband and I have had 5 towncars . We presently have a 2011 , but we are looking forward to the new town car. We would love to see not only heated seats but cooled seats . We love the comfort of the ride in these cars

  12. Ronald Estep says:

    I have had six town cars all of which have given me great service. Currently I have a 2011 which is absolutely great. My wife always sits in the back seat with our puppy and she is adamant about lauding the smooth and comfortable ride for both of them!! The town car is the absolute best on the market. Please make sure the 2016 model has the storage compartment between the front seats and one in the rear would be nice as well. Yes, I will buy a new Town Car.

  13. W. S. Peterson says:

    Great to see this car come back. I will never understand why it was ever discontinued. There are still so many town cars on the road. It is still a very popular car. I’ve still got mine (2004) and it is in mint condition. Many people think it is still new as I keep it detailed and polished. I only have a little over 100,000 miles on it. Runs, handles and rides so smoothly. I love the power of the V8. I still enjoy every time I get behind the wheel! I can only hope that down the road they will use the same dash board which was last used. It is spectacular especially with the full wood grain kit.

  14. Tommy Scott says:

    Town Car its a brand. Luxury, space and smooth ride. I have had 2. I was very pleased with both. I am so disappointed with these small Lincolns(the M’s). Don’t want to go Cadillac and have been waiting for a new Town Car. I hope they arrived this year

  15. Casey Jason says:

    The 2016 Lincoln Town Car is very impressive.

  16. Keith Fontaine says:

    I’ve just bought a Lincoln Town Car (2003) & I am so glad to get back to REAR WHEEL DRIVE, some vehicle WEIGHT & an eight cylinder engine! Bumps??? Don’t feel ’em. I get 21 mpg on open road & about 17 around town. I’m not complaining. It’s put the ‘pleasure’ back into my driving.

  17. Bob says:

    I saw the big reveal, not impressed. There must be some conspiracy I don’t understand, Lincoln buyers like a big car, I want to look out over a hood 3 ball fields long. I think mcconnahy is designing for them. Keep it unrevealed.

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