2016 Lincoln MKS interior, redesign

2016 Lincoln MKS has taken its basics from standardized hatchbacks and arrives with architecture of body that can be termed as unique and has enough space for accommodating 18 inches wheels. Posterior doors are very handsome and provide a better over all look and performing power to the car. The car has been constructed in such a way that it can perform even in hard and difficult situations.

2016 Lincoln MKS front


Framework of this car has received many modifications like improved springs, newer bushing and thick stabilizer. It will not be wrong to highlight that level of complexity is now associated with all wheel drive system. Other prominent features have inclusion of following

  • 18 inches wheels of alloy
  • STI exhaust system
  • Brembo performance brakes

The 2016 Lincoln MKS is going to arrive with 80 W audio system that has potential of accepting MP3, CDs also WMA format. Touchometer is also present that is stationed at center of steering wheel that has a covering of leather. All these specifications appear to be very decent and prominent. Ground clearance associated with this vehicle is very decent so it can perform in a variety of situations. In fact drivers who have strict demands are going to get decent power from hood. It’s a treat for those who have a love for fast driving.

Interior is spacious and will provide suitable space for accommodating passengers so you can expect a very comfortable inside 2016 Lincoln MKS. It should be highlighted here that this upcoming model is definitely an ideal choice for families who want to enjoy fast driving, but in a safe manner. You are going to find a perfect combination of modernized features inside this vehicle. It can be said with confidence keeping in consideration prevailing trends that 2016 Lincoln MKS is going to give a very tough time to its rivals.

2016 Lincoln MKS interior

This car provides safety along with luxury and convenience and this is rare combination. Posterior architecture of body is very rare and not only interior, but exterior also provides an amazing combination of different features. The main highlight is Electronic Throttle Control System which ensures that car responds to your commands every time a sharp manner.


Engine will be 2.5 liter and that will have power of delivering 305 horsepower and 6000 rotations per minute and toque of 290 lb at 4000 rotations per minute. Now this is really very convincing and reflects that car will have enough potential of leaving a stronger impact upon masses. Makers will definitely to come with a model that can combat with the prevailing tough competition and this is something really very useful for masses. The power that will be generated appears sufficient for all those who are interested in finding better navigation in various situations.

2016 Lincoln MKS rear

2016 Lincoln MKS: Price and Release Date

Wide wheels of 2016 Lincoln MKS ensure that this model provides better grip even in conditions that are slippery and car will stay connected with surface. The price will be 20 000 dollars, but no confirmation related with release date has been presented.

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