2016 Lincoln Continental redesign

The new and upcoming 2016 Lincoln Continental will be a vehicle that is based on the popular Ford CD4 platform and will feature a host of significant improvements all around. This car was shelved 13 years ago and is now being revived featuring changes in its exterior, interior and powertrain. This means that the car will now be aggressively designed to be in sync with popular demands and also be more fuel efficient than ever before. Rest assured that this model will boast all that it takes to make it a runaway hit.

2016 Lincoln Continental front

2016 Lincoln Continental: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Lincoln has been careful about what they reveal about the upcoming car, but based on what we saw, it is clear that it will be based on an entirely different platform. It would feature innovative design language characterized by LED lights for its front end, refined air intakes and their traditional split-wing grille structure. There are also reports that premium trim models will have an option to go for a longer wheelbase. The company’s real intention is to make new ground for its upcoming models while developing outstanding sales record on its own.

Overcoming various flaws that plagued the previous model, 2016 Lincoln Continental will bring lots of significant new changes to its interior decor. The knobs and button system will make a re-entry into this model alongside a more spacious and luxurious cabin. An innovative utility just known by the name of ‘SYNC’ will allow the driver to control various technological features by using nothing but their voice.  There will also be extra cargo space to accommodate requirements of different passengers.

2016 Lincoln Continental side

2016 Lincoln Continental: Engine and Fuel Economy

Under the hood of this car, there will be an option to choose between EcoBoost engines. Lincoln has doused the hopes of millions of fans and said that they will feature the current generation engine rather than the widely speculated V8 unit for the standard model.

The standard version of 2016 Lincoln Continental will be powered by a 2.4 litre 4-cylinder engine that will replace the older 3.7 litre V6 variant, and will be available in front-wheel drive alongside all-wheel drive trains. The unit will be coupled with a 9-speed auto gearbox for added control and performance rate. This car has been recorded to reach speeds up to 155 mph while accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds. We are a bit disappointed to know that Lincoln has reserved the rear-wheel drive system only for their premium customer.

2016 Lincoln Continental interior

2016 Lincoln Continental: Release Date, Price, Competitors

The 2016 Lincoln Continental will face tough competition from other cars in the same segment like Audi 8 and Cadillac CT6. We can estimate the starting price to be somewhere around $ 38 000 and go up to $ 42 000 for the premium trim variant. With a price tag similar to the recent MKC, 2016 Lincoln Continental is expected to roll out on the market in early months of 2016. We are particularly excited to find out where this model stands in front of its competitors.

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  1. Scott Harrison says:

    From what was shown, the new looks Great.But this is a LINCOLN CONTINENTAL.What else can be said.Just like the TOWNCAR, they can’t be beat.They are the BEST.Keep up the Good Work.

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