2016 Honda HR-V price, release date, crossover

It was in Tokyo Motor Show that this new generation crossover was first introduced by Honda. After that, this 2016 Honda HR-V has certainly impressed a whole bunch of customers and automobile experts. Why is that? That is because after its initial debut in Tokyo, several customers and critics have inquired about this latest model from Honda. There have been increased speculations and rumours about various features in this 2016 Honda HR-V. Some are even suggesting that the whole interface will be changed, after a ne chassis design is introduced. Only time and the franchise can tell what is true, and what is not.

2016 Honda HR-V front

2016 Honda HR-V: Redesign and Features

The very first thing that comes to every customer’s mind is what a particular car has to offer in terms of new features. So, as far as this 2016 model of Honda HR-V is concerned, the company has ensured that it has a whole bunch of utility features to impress the customers. Even though, Honda is not at all willing to discuss the new features just now, but there are several trusted sources which suggest otherwise. In a brief official statement, Honda suggested that this new model would be compact, dynamic as well as stylish in its core. This suggests that 2016 Honda HR-V might have a new chassis design.

The size of this 2016 model would not be an issue – even though its size is less than Honda’s CRV. A new chassis will also ensure that available cargo space would increase, leading to better aerodynamic stability and improved handling. In addition to that, let’s have a look at some of the probable interior features for this 2016 HR-V:

  • A next generation infotainment module will be added – it is Honda’s finest and latest module.
  • Along with that, new features include improved satellite navigation, wireless connectivity and “next generation” steering controls.
  • The dash board will be redesigned to include a modified central console, new power buttons and other latest utility specs.
  • Finest leather upholstery has been provided for better comfort and suitability.

2016 Honda HR-V interior

2016 Honda HR-V: Engine and Fuel Economy

As far as engine options of 2016 Honda HR-V are concerned, the manufacturer has not been able to produce any details. However, several sources indicate that this next generation Honda is going to be equipped with a 1.5 liter inline 4 cylinder gasoline engine. Now, there have not been any confirmed reports from the automaker on this, but trusted sources are hardly wrong about it. As far as output specs are concerned, this engine might be able to produce around 130 HP in its maximum utility.

2016 Honda HR-V rear

There might be other variants available during later stages of marketing, but nothing is known for certain. Transmission specs will include an automatic gearbox module, with a standard front wheel drive train option.

2016 Honda HR-V: Release Date and Price

Since this is a 2016 model, it is very much expected that it would release sometime between the end of 2015 or at the very beginning of 2016. Apart from that, pricing specs of 2016 Honda HR-V is expected to stand between $ 19 000 and $ 24 000.

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