2016 Honda Fit hybrid, si, ev

It is not often that you get to see a particular brand of vehicle being available in the auto markets for more than 13 years. This is exactly the case for the Honda Fit franchise. Their latest installation – the 2016 Honda Fit – completes this brand’s availability in prime markets for over 13 years. Now, you cannot actually say that this brand has had a good run in these 13 years. There had been times when the current model was discontinued from the auto markets. However, Honda wishes to revive its lost glory with this latest 2016 upgraded model. This 2016 Honda Fit is not some major model in the franchise; it has been introduced as a latest upgrade just to introduce some innovative features in the model. So, primarily, this 2016 model is very similar to its 2015 counterpart. Rather than being a completely different model, it is just a minor facelift – with certain configuration changes, upgraded interiors and slightly modified engines. So let’s have a look at what this new version has to offer.

2016 Honda Fit front

2016 Honda Fit: Engine Specs

As far as the engine options of this 2016 Honda Fit are concerned, Honda will make quite a few numbers of considerable changes. According to recent reports, there is a high probability that Honda will introduce a couple of modified engine options to go with this model. What are they? Let’s have a look.

  • A standard engine variant will come in place of the previous V-TEC engine. It will be a 1.3 LITER gasoline engine, with a max power output of 130 HP, as well as 100 lbs. feet of max torque.
  • Another optional hybrid unit will also be available with 1.5 LITER capacity, a 7 speed dual clutch transmission module and 150 HP max power output. More details about this power train will be available during later stages of production.

As far as transmission is concerned, both manual and automatic modules will be available.  A standard 6 speed CVT is present as well. This overall unit can very well be termed as an adequate and efficient configuration – estimating a rating around 42 MPG in combined drive. The hybrid model will rate around 50 MPG for combined drive.

2016 Honda Fit  side

2016 Honda Fit: Redesign and Features

Design attributes of this 2016 Honda Fit will elaborate more on the exterior than on its interior. As far as its interior is concerned, all features are pretty adequate and standard for a vehicle in its price range. So, there would not be too many changes. These standard features include a good entertainment system, leather upholstery, climate control features, and satellite navigation. Central console also consists of an 8 inch screen.

Exterior specs have been modified to include certain better looking units – including a different bumper design, optional grille and new tires. Its hybrid variant might look a little different as well, even though this 2016 car will have certain some resemblance with its 2015 counterpart.

2016 Honda Fit interior

2016 Honda Fit: Release Date and Price

Considering the competition in the market, the price of 2016 Honda Fit has been kept pretty low. It will start at $ 16 000 with the hybrid model costing a bit more. Expect this car to release in the later months of 2015.

6 Responses to 2016 Honda Fit hybrid, si, ev

  1. Paul Saltman says:

    I have been told by a reliable source that the Fit Hybrid is not coming to the US in th near future because there would be little interest in it because of falling gas price and the relative high cost of such car.
    Is this 100% true or is there a chance that some variant of the hybrid of the one selling in Japan might actually get there during this yeat or next?

  2. scott says:

    Even though the gas prices have been dropping in so cal im still in the market for a nice hybrid vehicle. I was looking at this one and was going to call my local dealership in the AM about purchasing one.

    To bad they arent bringing them to the states because I would have bought one tomorrow.

    • Paul S says:

      I would have also.
      Actually I am seriouslu considering a 2016 Toyra Prius Econ C2 or 3 model which gets something like 56 cty and low 50’s highway.
      It is a great looking car-I have not bought anything other than Honda in thirty years-that may change soon.

  3. Treva Eley says:

    I am going to cry! I don’t care if gas prices drop to twenty five cents a gallon, that is still saving money and its sensible, and responsible for the environment! It’s a shame we can’t get one. My husband has a 2014 fit, I have a 2015 civic on lease because I was waiting for the upgrades I wanted in the fit. This is depressing.

  4. Richard Hanft says:

    God, I agree! Everything I have read about the Hybrid version makes me want to cry that I cannot get one!!! I would buy one instantly if they were to bring them to the U.S. Some day please!!

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