2016 Honda Civic Si coupe, USA

Newer generation of the popular Honda Civic is about to arrive in the form of 2016 Honda Civic Si. In case you are a fan of famous series, then surely you will be aware of the fact that Honda introduced prominent changes in 2014 model, but 2014 version got limited alterations. Now Honda has again presented a pleasant surprise to its customers that newer model is going to be a different and unique car. This has given more hope to purchasers and now Honda fans are looking forwards towards another amazing car from the popular automobile maker of Japan. Company has plans related with moving complete line of production to United States. 2016 Honda Civic Si is going to be a sporty version of Honda Civic Si.

2016 Honda Civic Si front


Entire line of 2016 model will get a new design. Newer qualities will be inserted, but till now Honda has not provided clear details. Expectations are that trim of this new model will get a boost in comparison to its ancestor.  We have indicated above towards the point that this is going to be a sporty model so design will be altered accordingly. If we consider the model, which was presented earlier, then it was surely very attractive and was being offered in coupe also sedan forms.

2016 Honda Civic Si side

Rumors are circulating that 2016 Civic Si is going to arrive with a different design, but details are not clear yet and we can say that right now Honda is not ready to unveil full information. We can clearly suggest that upcoming model is going to be even better and more developed than its ancestor. Equipment package which will be included is going to be more sound and advanced also new up gradations will be introduced. Safety related features will also get a boost as newer software solutions will be available for providing a decent warning system while driving. The body style will depict an aggressive appearance and can be recognized easily. Wheels will get improvements in design, frame work of the car will also be refreshed and light groups will also get an up gradation.


2016 Honda Civic Si engine will be 2.4-liter, 4-cylinder that has capability of producing 205 horsepower and 174 lb feet torque. Pairing of engine with six speeds manual transmission has been carried out.

2016 Honda Civic Si interior

2016 Honda Civic Si: Price and Release Date

When we consider the price, then no exact figure is present, but it is being said that 2016 Honda Civic Si basic model will cost 23 000 dollars.

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