2016 Ford Raptor news, price

Ford is a noted and much respected name in automobile industry and main reason present behind this is their dedication and commitment. For decades this company is producing cars that have potential of performing in a better manner. The main reason present behind their success is that company gives proper consideration to demands that are being posed by modern day consumers. Now Ford is all ready to bring back one of their best and decent models and it will be given the title of 2016 Ford Raptor. You must be aware of the fact that it has been five years since the initial appearance of Raptor and since then its every version has been successful in impressing masses. In this section we will focus upon some main highlights that are associated with upcoming model, 2016 Ford Raptor.

2016 Ford Raptor front


Some pictures of this model have been released in market and if you put a close look upon them it becomes clear that upcoming version will contain a body style that will be very much similar to 2015 F-150 and this is not at all a bad development. It is being hoped by experts and consumers that larger part of 2016 Ford Raptor will be made using panels of aluminum and car will be capable of depicting much better and improved fuel efficiency. Main point to highlight is that vehicle is not going to neglect F-150 heavy framework as well as budges and bends also its being hoped that newer HID headlights have been included and these provide better visibility related characteristics.

If we consider the interior specifications that have been revealed by valid sources, then it becomes apparent that 2016 Ford Raptor’s interior is going to be much better advanced and improved than earlier versions. Previous models that have been introduced by same car maker are noted for their high quality interiors and comfortable fitting. Ford is definitely going to take advantage from gifts that have been provided by modern technology so buyers should expect that they are going to get some very high quality materials along with high rated technological features and characteristics.

2016 Ford Raptor side


Sources that can be considered as authentic indicate towards point that 2016 Ford Raptor is going to take power from V6 EcoBoost engine of Ford and this can be regarded as a smarter choice for this vehicle. It has power of producing 365 hp and toque of 420 lb-ft. These features without any doubt appear very convincing and indicate that upcoming model is going to be very decent. We can say that EcoBoost V8 is another smart choice for 2016 Ford Raptor as it has potential of delivering great power in accordance with demands of modern driving systems. We can suggest that better performance should be expected and car will provide better and improved handling facilities.

2016 Ford Raptor interior

2016 Ford Raptor: Price and Release Date

No official information has been presented in this regard, but it’s being predicted that 2016 Ford Raptor will appear in market during later part of 2015.

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